“…call recording needs to be user based rather than device based – David Dadds, VanillaIP

Call Recording Faces GDPR, MiFID II and AI Challenges

Today call recording is used just about everywhere. Driven to a large extent by compliance and now set for a greater degree of scrutiny by security re

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Xelion Marketplace Launches with 30 Ready-to-go Apps

Xelion is launching the Integration Market Place to partners which offers ‘pre-packaged' integration for the Xelion platform with a host of leading CR

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The cheers ring out as Avaya takes to the stock market

Avaya’s Grit Pays Off

Last month saw a momentous occasion in the world of comms as Avaya not only emerged triumphantly from Chapter 11 but also re-listed themselves on the


Software Rules OK

Upon walking into ICUK’s office in Croydon I was overcome with a sense of calm, no-one was on the phone, no one was crying in the corner because of a


Aggressive Strategies

After stepping into the CEO position at Liquid Voice in the middle of last year Chris Berry has been on a mission to provide value to partners in new