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Best practice from the United States with NetSapiens

In this episode, Jason Beckett, vice president of sales at NetSapiens, joins our editor, Charlotte Hathway, to discuss the evolution of telecommunications technologies, with discussion of why innovation often starts in the United States.

As you’ll hear, the US market is the largest consumer of business telecommunications products – and the most competitive. Jason talks through the strategies that allow telecommunications products to be competitive in the busy US market and how to leverage these strategies in other marketplaces.


A partner-centric approach to scaling up full fibre

In this episode, Philip Lee, head of wholesale at ITS Technology Group, talks to Charlotte Hathway, editor of Comms Business, about the race to build full fibre across the UK.

As you will hear, ITS takes a partner-centric approach to scaling up full fibre for several reasons. Primarily this strategy is designed to help channel companies thrive, with ITS partners able to grow their businesses by offering their customers great solutions.


Developing a unique service proposition

In this episode of Comms Business Live, we talk to Scott Goodwin, senior vice president for EMEA and managing director at NetSapiens, about developing a unique service proposition, and why this is important.

Scott discusses the unified communications landscape, and the drivers that can create a situation where channel partners rely on price as their point of difference. As you’ll hear, it is possible to create a value proposition that does not rely on price.

Scott points to a combination of functionality, support and price to successfully stand out in a competitive market.


Nailing hybrid working with Microsoft

In this episode of Comms Business Live, our editor Charlotte Hathway is joined Paul Dunne, senior director, EMEA Channel, Poly. The two discuss how the pandemic has put videoconferencing firmly in the limelight, with organisations waking up to the importance of good audio and video equipment to support the new hybrid world of work.

Paul discusses how Poly’s offerings enable workers to stand out and look and sound their best in every conversation, regardless of where they are working from. What’s more, the rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams means Channel partners often need to develop offerings that enhance the Teams experience.



Supporting hybrid working

In this episode, Andrew Bale, general manager of cloud services at Tango Networks, speaks to Charlotte Hathway, editor of Comms Business, about the opportunity channel companies have to guide their customers through the adoption of hybrid working.

As you will hear, Andrew explains why many businesses have accelerated moving to mobile-only communications in response to these new work-from-anywhere requirements. He then discusses how channel partners can respond to this demand for business mobile services.


Creating harmony in the Channel

A new episode of the Comms Business Channel Insider Podcast is now live. Alex Walsh, head of channel for the UK and Ireland at Veeam, talks to Comms Business about the company’s revamped Pro Partner programme for value-added resellers.

As you’ll hear, the company understands that one vendor, one distributor, one reseller pathways are a rarity – so Veeam set out to create harmony across the ecosystem.


Speed and simplicity

In this episode of the Comms Business Channel Insider Podcast Mark Taylor, co-founder and director of Fortay Connect, joins Charlotte Hathway, editor of Comms Business, to talk through how companies can deploy and consolidate cloud communications with speed and simplicity.

As you’ll hear, the simplicity of a cloud-based communication solution starts during deployment. You’ll find out how the process can be completed remotely, how to streamline workflows, and the advantages of consolidating systems when migrating to the cloud.

Mark also discusses his experiences of solving customer problems with the LogMeIn cloud platform. This solution can integrate calls, chat, meetings, and collaboration on a single platform, letting employees communicate and work anywhere at any time across any channel.


The future of work is hybrid

In this episode of Comms Business Live Charlotte Hathway, editor of Comms Business, is joined by Jane Craven, sales director of enterprise solutions at EPOS. The two discuss how companies are examining hybrid working practices as we move forward from the pandemic.

Jane explains what hybrid working is, why companies are taking technology frustrations seriously, how to alleviate day-to-day stresses for hybrid workers, and how organisations can ensure they are deploying the right solutions.

How to move your telco to the cloud… and keep your customers

In this episode of Comms Business Live Charlotte Hathway, editor of Comms Business, is joined by Andriy Zhylenko, CEO of PortaOne. The two discuss how companies can move from a more traditional telco set up to a cloud-native one.

Andriy explains what cloud-native is and why it matters, as well as outlining the biggest obstacles that can come up during cloud deployments for telcos, and what can be done to avoid this.

PortaOne is a vendor of telco BSS and hosted PBX / UCaaS platform renowned for its “radical transparency” in providing the source code and unlimited licenses to customers. It helped over 490 forward-thinking telcos in 90 countries be market leaders while keeping the total cost of ownership under control.


Building a culture of reinvention

In this episode of the Comms Business Channel Insider Podcast, Darren Hardman, vice president and general manager of AWS UK and Ireland, joins Charlotte Hathway, editor of Comms Business, to talk about how companies canvention. As you’ll hn build a culture of reiear, reinvention has been vital to the success of AWS, and its partners – but there are plenty of things that can derail that ambition. Organisations need to be ready to react to change, have agility built in, and have the right people in place to guide the organisation through change.


Time for the channel to talk about mental health

In this episode of the Comms Business Channel Insider Podcast, Paul Gibbs from MyPhones leads a conversation with Peter Orr of Mental Health Associates and Gary May of Salesology about mental health. As you’ll hear, all three have deeply personal reasons for spotlighting the importance of looking after our mental health. Everyone in the UK channel has a vital role to play in this, and Paul, Peter and Gary discuss what can be done. If you’re affected by what you hear on this podcast, you can call the Mental Health Associates helpline on 0330 124 4338 or Mind on 0300 123 3393.


Incovo on Avaya’s ACO

In this episode of the Comms Business – Channel Insider – Podcast David Dungay spoke to Chris Thomas, CEO of Incovo about the impending UK launch of Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) in the UK. In this episode Thomas talks about the agent model and how he perceives it to be advantageous for both the partner and vendor.


Xelion talks about how the Channel can adapt

In this episode of the Channel Insider Podcast David Dungay is joined by Dave Reynolds, UK MD of Xelion to talk about the how the pandemic has accelerated certain trends accross the market. Reynolds highlights the decline of voice in the contact centre and how the Channel must adapt to the new type of contact centre environment we are likely to see in the UK, as we are already in other geographies. Reynolds also reveals why he thinks every partner should have a Microsoft Teams strategy, whether customers are buying it or not. You can listen to that podcast below.


Worboys reflects on social distancing announcement

In this latest podcast David Dungay, Publisher of Comms Business Magazine is joined by Matthew Worboys, Director – Business Development Channel – Gamma to talk about the latest announcements from the government about extending social distancing rules and also how Gamma is helping partners as the market starts to get quieter.


Lockdown Update

In the latest Channel Insider Podcast David Dungay was joined by John Haw, MD of Fidelity Energy, Paul Gibbs, Sales Director at MyPhones and Andrew Dickinson, CEO of Jola to talk about their views on the lockdown measures we have seen implemented in the UK.

The guests cover a lot of ground within the episode ranging from what they are seeing at a partner level and some of the challenges they are facing after what has been an exceptionally busy few months for some.

Andrew Dickinson spoke about some of the risk exposure he is seeing in the Channel, particularly around Ethernet contracts which partners are still liable for in the event of a customer going into administration. Dickinson highlights a few that have taken steps to try and protect channel customers but feels the biggest difference to the market can be made at carrier level.

John Haw talks about the success he is seeing in the energy markets after global prices have hit an 18 year low. As companies shut down, or go remote, many are taking the chance to do a bit of business housekeeping. Sorting out energy contract renewals is clearly something that businesses are taking the time to do which has contributed to a recent surge at Fidelity Energy. Within the episode Haw references the below graph to illustrate the impact of low prices on the Partner Channel.


Lockdown with MyPhones

As we enter the second week of lockdown in the UK we are starting to some things settle as customers get to grips with Remote Working and what it means to have everyone off-site.

In this interview Paul Gibbs, Sales Director of MyPhones, spoke with David Dungay about his experiences over the last few weeks and what that has meant for his partners. Gibbs speaks further about how the MyPhones product is developing and how the industry needs to step up to support each other during this trying time for all. You can listen to that podcast below.


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