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Partner with Unify and be a Viegli Hero

9th June, 12.30pm GMT

Join us on 9th June and rediscover the #1 telephony vendor in Europe. Gain access to the most complete portfolio including on premise or hosted solutions. Propose award winning cordless and mobility options and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams.

Unify resellers, supported by Viegli, get access to best in class product, best in class training and of course our amazing rewards program for your sales staff.

During webinar delegates will learn how to:

* Get access to the #1 telephony vendor in Europe
* Leverage sales with help from Viegli
* Incentivise their staff with our awesome rewards program
* Deploy on premise, hosted or hybrid – capex or opex
* Partner with a vendor with a long term commitment to the channel

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The Edge: How Channel Partners can Capitalise on Edge Infrastructures

Wednesday 15th June, 14.00 GMT

Physical infrastructure is key in any edge computing strategy. The power, cooling, and enclosure equipment, as well as, the compute it supports, provides the foundation on which applications can run and enables countless edge use cases.

The total number of edge sites is estimated to grow by 226% from 2019 to 2025. As the edge matures and edge sites proliferate and become more sophisticated, this growth creates a market inflection point bringing customers challenges of Scale, Speed, and Complexity.

Therefore, creating edge infrastructure models is a necessary step toward customized equipment and design standardization that can increase efficiency and reduce costs and deployment timelines, allowing channel partners to sell edge solutions more effectively by quickly categorizing a customer site and configuring the infrastructure for that site accordingly.

Join leading IT infrastructure vendor, Vertiv to discover how Channel Partners can capitalize on Edge Infrastructures.

5 key points delegates will learn during webinar:

1) Discover Growth at the Edge
2) Understand Customer Challenges at the Edge (Scale, Speed, Complexity)
3) Learn about different Edge Infrastructure Models.
4) The infrastructure problem Vertiv Solve, In perspective
5) Why Channel Partner are best placed to capitalise on the proliferation of Edge Infrastructure

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View our recorded webinars:

Connectivity market update and how to ensure best value for your B2B customers

In this webinar, award-winning alt-net provider ITS Technology Group will provide delegates with unmissable key insight into the connectivity market. ITS will share with you their secrets to providing best value through service, systems, product and marketing support. Already trusted by over 280 channel partners, ITS has seen an 8-fold increase in enquires from partners wishing to sign up in 2022, over applications in 2021. Full details on how to join will be revealed.

Attendees will learn:

  • Connectivity market trends
  • Disruptor ITS’s response to changes in the industry
  • How to secure best value for your customers
  • Why partner with ITS
  • How to become an ITS Partner

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Contact Centre Trends to Watch in 2022: Keeping up with customer expectations

In January 2022, the UK Customer Satisfaction Index recorded the highest ever level of CSAT.*
In a period of turbulence and change, consumer expectations for what makes a great Customer Experience (CX) have not stood still. The contact centre space has moved quickly to adapt, delivering always-on, omni-channel, AI-backed digital experiences that drive brand loyalty. Organisations that can’t keep up will soon be left behind. Channel partners, are your clients surfing the wave of customer satisfaction? Or is the technology you provide them with holding them back?
Join Ed Winfield and Sam Fuller to explore the changing landscape of CX, and find out how you can take your clients to the cutting edge of customer experience delivery.
*Institute of Customer Service, 2022

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UCaaS + MS Teams = $UCCESS for Solution Providers

People are working from anywhere, on a range of devices, and keeping your business connected is more important than ever. It’s critical for your communications platform to perform because work doesn’t wait — so your employees and partners shouldn’t have to wait either.

Solution providers gain an enormous competitive advantage by offering UCaaS and MS Teams as a combined service. You’ll benefit from the additional revenue stream, and your customers will benefit from better voice and video quality, enhanced reliability and more. Get all the tools and services you need in one platform with one dial plan.

Join Comms Business and Masergy for their LIVE webinar and you’ll learn:
– Why Masergy UCaaS with Webex is a complete and secure collaboration solution
– Masergy Calling for Microsoft Teams: solution flexibility & performance visibility
– Superior call quality in 29+ countries with the industry’s most competitive SLAs

Masergy UCaaS with Webex combines the enterprise features of Webex with the secure, global Masergy SD-WAN that Gartner has called “Visionary” for five straight years.

Jeff Heard, Pentima: “The support that our clients get from Masergy is amazing and a genuine advantage in the marketplace for Pentima. They’re always available, professional, knowledgeable, honest, and if they don’t know, they will get you an answer.”

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Why the channel is positioned to capitalise on a £5bn opportunity

The UC market is growing by 11% y-o-y. It’s a £5bn market and adoption of seats is growing at an exponential rate.

Cloud Communications are growing at a 20% a year and expected to double by 2025. With the added pressure of the impending digital switchover, the opportunity is now.

But it’s not a price-led race. Loyalty lies in support and service, and with adoption of digital workplaces expedited by the pandemic, business want to invest in a service that enhances their customer offer, not just the cheapest.

It’s now about creating the best digital experience. It’s about simplicity. It’s about allowing your customers to get closer to their target audience.

Attendees will learn:

• The size of the market opportunity
• How CISCO are innovating
• How AVC One is taking technology to the channel
• The ease of doing business through our tech
• How you can tap into the £5bn opportunity

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The IoT opportunity with Daisy Anywhere – a Multi-network Cellular IoT Solution

Daisy Anywhere is an innovative IoT proposition from Daisy Partner Business and Pangea. With the market for IoT fast expanding across the globe, Daisy Anywhere represents a unique opportunity for channel partners to build a new, growing revenue stream through keeping customers connected with mobile data connectivity.

The solution uses flexible, multi-network SIM cards that can connect IoT networks, offices, events and more. Its unsteered technology means connectivity always defaults to the strongest provider available—not an MNOs preferred option—and can connect to 960 networks across 185 countries. Daisy Anywhere is also suitable for a broad range of industries with its flexibility in both data allowances, size of estate, and a simple plug & play set-up.

Join us to find out how Daisy Anywhere is currently being implemented and how you can be at the forefront of this exciting opportunity.

Viewers will learn:
1. The opportunities for IoT in the business marketplace
2. Intelligent mobile data
3. How Daisy Anywhere works
4. Key customer verticals
5. Opening the sales conversation

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Single-Stack Unpacked: The Power of Single-Stack Purchasing

In today’s fast-moving digital landscape, the definition of acceptable Customer Experience (CX) is evolving rapidly. As technology develops, the old ‘patchwork quilt’ approach to adding value to a Partner offering is no longer viable. Bolting additional tools onto an already sprawling CX estate is simply too inefficient to meet today’s demands.

With an evergreen, cloud-based solution as the foundation for their CX offering, Channel Partners can update their technology capabilities with the latest CX innovations as soon as they are made available. This reduces the time needed to reap the business benefits of new technologies, and provides an end-to-end solution for the entire customer journey. Join Content Guru to discover how single-stack purchasing is the key to providing long-term value to your customers.

You will learn:
• What is a single-stack solution?
• The post-pandemic changes in customer demands.
• 3 Customer Experience paradigm shifts.
• Anticipatory customer service – the importance of agility.
• COVID-19 – a bad excuse for poor customer service.

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Rebuilding for the Next Generation of Branch with 5G Wireless WAN

Watch this webinar to find out how 5G is unlocking new opportunities for branch businesses. After a difficult 18 months’ branch businesses are rebuilding for the future, and delivering new, connected services can help to accelerate this process. Find out how you can help your customers to unlock the power of LTE and 5G to create a secure, nonstop WAN edge that supports:

• Business continuity: resilience is at the fore front of many retailer and other branch business minds. Whether its for the entire store, or critical PoS applications, Cradlepoint can help.
• Fibre-like speeds without the cost: LTE and 5G connectivity can match and outperform fibre networks in many cases yet can be installed at a fraction of the cost, especially for high street locations.
• Day one connectivity: reduce lead times allowing new locations to open on time.
• IoT applications such as lockers, concessionary store support, warehousing and more.

Join us to see how other branch businesses are leveraging LTE and 5G for these and other applications, as well as how you can tap into this business opportunity with Cradlepoint and

Viewers will:
1. Understand the full potential of 5G
2. See how your branch customers could benefit from utilising cellular
3. Learn about different branch use cases and opportunities
4. Experience cloud-managed wireless edge solutions that are quick to deploy and simple to manage from anywhere
5. Find out how partner support and services can enable your business and customers to realise ambitions

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Daisy Anywhere – Multi-network cellular IoT

Working with Pangea, Daisy Partner Business is pleased to bring Daisy Anywhere to market. Capitalising on the extraordinary growth opportunity that the Internet of Things (IoT)offers, Daisy Anywhere represents a unique chance for channel partners to take advantage of this and to build a new, growing revenue stream whilst satisfying customers’ requirements for mobile data connectivity. Using highly flexible multinetwork SIM cards Daisy Anywhere can be used to connect both IoT networks and even your customers’ office. Covering 650 networks across 180 countries, Daisy Anywhere provides unsteered multi-network SIMs meaning connectivity is dictated by the strongest provider, not an MNOs preferred option. With a simple plug & play set-up, Daisy Anywhere is suitable for a broad range of industries and is flexible in both data allowances and size of estate.

The Internet of Things has the potential to revolutionise the way we do business. The market for IoT is expanding fast, globally, and the rewards for your customers are measurable. With Daisy Anywhere you can be at the forefront of this opportunity.

You will learn:

1. The relevance of IoT in the business marketplace
2. The changing face of mobile data
3. Where Daisy Anywhere fits
4. Key customer verticals
5. Opening the sales conversation

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The Mobile Data Opportunity

Join our webinar to find out how to build high-margin, recurring revenue streams from mobile data. Understand the demand for mobile data and what the opportunity for the channel is. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and where the low hanging fruit is within your own customer-base. Gain valuable market intelligence outlining demand in retail, transport and logistics, security and the public sector. Understand customer requirements, differentiated propositions and unique solutions.

Find out why Jola partners are so successful at finding and winning lucrative deals within these sectors, the key challenges they face and the tools they have to overcome them. Listen to case studies about digital signage for retailers, intelligent routers for the NHS and M2M solutions for car parks. Find out what support is available to help you uncover and win your first major M2M/IoT data opportunity.

You will learn:
– Why sell mobile data
– Easy to win mobile data opportunities for the channel
– Key challenges faced by resellers selling mobile data
– Unique and differentiated solutions available for channel partners
– Key channel use cases

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The Digital Transformation of Financial Institutions with SD-WAN

Tuesday May 18, 2021, starting at 2:00 PM BST

Today’s financial institutions face a number of challenges that drive the need for digital transformation, and it’s an enormous opportunity for technology solution providers. Whether we’re talking about banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, or wealth management firms, the challenges are similar and include:

• Protecting against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and remaining GDPR compliant
• Guarding personally-identifiable employee and customer information (PII) against data breaches
• Increasing reliability, security, and access of corporate network and applications to global branch locations and a growing remote workforce
• Compacting of real estate assets post-pandemic as remote work continues to rise
• Providing reliable, secure, high-performing services to digitally-connected customers
• Leveraging AI to improve risk management, fraud prevention, process automation, and more

Solution providers can gain a huge competitive advantage by understanding these challenges and responding with the solution that addresses all of them: software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN).

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Back to Work! Delivering CX Success in a Post-Pandemic World

Wednesday May 12, 2021, starting at 10:30 AM BST

As we take our first tentative steps into a post-pandemic world, companies in every industry are facing the harsh realities of recession. With business survival at stake, many organisations have found themselves forced to differentiate their offerings on the basis of CX.

The Post-COVID blueprint for exceptional customer experience delivery includes digital channels, intelligent automation, and empathetic, data-driven customer journeys. Extensive investment in customer communication technologies is now a strategic C-Suite priority. For Channel Partners, this shift on focus marks an unmissable opportunity for value delivery.

Join Content Guru to discover how Channel Partners can seize this pivotal moment in the CX space to provide their customers with the technology they need to thrive in a post-pandemic world.

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Seizing the Cloud Communications Market

Wednesday April 14, 2021, starting at 3:00 PM BST

The aim of the presentation is to give an overview of the growing and dynamic market for cloud communications.

BT Wholesale have partnered with Cavell to deliver a whitepaper that explores the increasing demand for cloud-based communication systems in the UK. This is critical as the country moves closer to the PSTN/ISDN switch-off, in which legacy systems need to be replaced with IP telephony by 2025.

The discussion predicts future trends and growth opportunities in the wake of Covid-19. Speakers will reflect on key drivers changing the communications landscape particularly the demand for collaboration solutions. With a final view on the potential benefits of digital communication services and key considerations for all service providers.

Join Dom Black, Director, Research Services – Cavell Group and Charlotte Hathway, Editor – Comms Business.

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Putting the “ultra” in “ultra-rugged” communications – Sonim & Syndico Distribution

Tuesday March 30, 2021, starting at 3:00 PM BST

Smart devices are becoming commonplace for workers everywhere. While the benefits of deploying a fleet of smart mobile devices are clear, organisations are often deterred by the unplanned cost implications of those devices not being rugged enough.

Sonim smart devices are designed specifically for task workers physically engaged in their work environments, often in mission-critical roles. Sonim’s specialism is in workforce-critical communication and connectivity tools for industrial, commercial and public sector users, including construction, energy and utility, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, public safety and transportation.

Sonim devices are not just rugged – they are “ultra-rugged”.

Attendees of this webinar will learn why choosing smart devices which are rugged enough is a critical business decision, just what constitutes “ultra-rugged” and how Sonim is pioneering in rugged technology for business users.

PLUS – one attendee will win a Sonim XP8 rugged smartphone with accessories and some Zebra Workforce Connect (wide-area push-to-talk application) demonstration licences.


– Why you should partner with Syndico as your added-value distribution partner.
– The definition of “ultra-rugged” in the world of communications.
– Sonim’s “Rugged Performance Standards”.
– How Sonim fits in where other technologies simply don’t.
– The “three pillars” to Sonim’s “ultra-rugged” ecosystem

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Achieve commercial success in the public sector with cloud communications and NFON

Tuesday March 23, 2021, starting at 2:00 PM GMT

A discussion not a presentation, new partner manager Paul Sparks will be speaking to NFON’s Head of Public Sector, Scott Somenthal about the government’s smarter working strategy and the different initiatives within it such as the NHS Digital First programme, how and where NFON work within the public sector, the support we can offer to help properly enable a new partner including insight into buying frameworks, bids & tenders and the opportunities we have won through our partner network including testimonials and case studies.

We will discuss some of the main communication challenges faced by key public sector industries, the technology and communication systems being widely adopted by them and how this relates to our cloud portfolio and positioning in the marketplace.

List 5 key points delegates will learn during webinar:

– How to sell into the public sector and Important Dos & Don’ts
– Digital First and the PS Smarter Working policy
– Support and tools available for new partners including lead generation and mdf
– Insight on which frameworks for which vertical
– Case studies and testimonials

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UCaaS + SD-WAN = $UCCESS for Solution Providers

Tuesday March 16, 2021, starting at 2:00 PM GMT 

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Software-Defined Networks (SD-WAN) combine to deliver the optimal cloud-based communications and collaboration experience for organisations of all sizes. UCaaS and SD-WAN are both critical tenets of digital transformation, providing the scalability, cost-efficiency, manageability, and security that forward-thinking organisations demand.

Solution providers gain an enormous competitive advantage by offering UCaaS and SD-WAN as a combined service. You’ll benefit from the additional revenue stream, and your customers will benefit from better voice and video quality, enhanced reliability and security, and more.

Join Comms Business and Masergy for their LIVE webinar and you’ll learn:
• Four key ways SD-WAN uniquely supports UCaaS
• Top 5 reasons IT decision-makers prefer bundled solutions
• How to sell UCaaS and SD-WAN as a bundle, increasing your revenue with a highly differentiated offering

Masergy pioneered software-defined networking 20 years ago. Their new Masergy UCaaS with Cisco Webex combines the enterprise features of Webex with the secure, global Masergy SD-WAN that Gartner has called “Visionary” for four straight years.

Ray Bricknell, BEC: “Best global WAN provider on the planet. Hands down.”

Phil Cotterill, ONI: “Great company, people, services and support that help us extend our global offerings to our client base.”

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A Guide to Growth: 3 Steps to Contact Centre Value Creation in 2021

Wednesday February 10, 2021, starting at 10:30 AM GMT

In a commercial environment stifled by uncertainty and recession, end-user businesses seeking to survive and thrive are taking a close look at their customer experience (CX) strategies, and up-gunning to create competitive advantage. Great CX is now the differentiator, and a C-level priority item for investment. As leading Channel Partners, to whom these businesses turn first, you need to have all the answers. High-margin, fast-tracked deals await those who are ready.

Fed by digital CX giants, consumer expectations for service quality have grown exponentially, fuelled further by the lockdown experience of the past year. Channel Partners who can help their customers to meet these demands, and deliver an adaptable portfolio of services, will be in a good position to steal business from those who can’t. But how can Channel Partners add value to their offering without extensive investment in inefficient, bolt-on additions to their customers’ CX estates? Join Content Guru and Comms Business to discover three simple ways to supercharge your sales by adding value to your customers’ CX offerings.

Find out how to:
1. Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams into your customer’s CX estate, so that their back-office experts and front-office customer service specialists can work together, and you can create high-margin business that is churn-resistant and long-lasting.
2. Take control of your customer’s drive for workforce optimization, by offering an AI-backed WFM tool, creating a whole new area of value for your Channel Partner business.
3. Ensure your customers process inbound consumer calls flawlessly, by replacing antiquated ‘press 1 press 2’ IVR with ‘say what you want’ Natural Language Processing, establishing your Channel Partner business as a high-value AI leader.

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Drive Recurring Revenue with Candio

Thursday 14th January 2021, starting at 3:00PM GMT

The value of recurring revenue has never been more important to businesses. By driving average revenue per customer your business can unlock its next level of growth and expand on its potential. Discover digital services that add value to your customers while offering your business recurring revenue that’ll provide income security while increasing the value of your business. Hear the different scenarios of how a Candio white-label service can impact your business, regardless of whether your business has 200 or many 1,000s of customers. The UK’s fastest growing resellers have adopted Candio into their business model, find out how you can benefit.

The event will be split into 3 sections of 10 minutes:
1. Introduction to Candio, the services and the impact recurring revenue can have on a business
2. User experience – hear from a current Candio reseller onboarded with Web Listings and Website Optimiser and how the services have impacted their business.
3. Understand how the services work. In a quick demonstration we’ll cover what the services entail, the price models available and what profits your business could take from them.

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How to maximise your profit as an MSP using Cambium Networks

How can resellers, VARs and MSPs maximise profits and increase revenue streams using cnMaestro’s MSP feature? Find out in an upcoming Comms Business webinar, presented by Harry Drewett, solutions engineer at Purdicom.

Drewett will begin with an overview of the cnPilot and cnMaestro product portfolio. We will then go into a demonstration of how the cnMaestro management system performs provisioning, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting of the cnPilot Wi-Fi network for MSP’s.

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Same old Vendors, new way of working, now is the time to change

Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 3:00pm GMT

Wildix may be a new name to many but over the last 3 years have made a great impression on the UK communications channel. Through innovation and a value proposition partner program, they have helped both young and established partners convert business and exit the race to the bottom along the way taking control of margins that many had seen reducing. The innovative use of WebRTC is core to the Wildix solution and combined with the React Native development means that a full UC&C platform is delivered by simply logging into a web portal. You would think that having just a browser as an interface may limit the functionality of the solution but nothing is missing from their impressive feature set, Video Conferencing, impressive mobile application, call recording, location services, full team collaboration, premium features for many are just standard functions on the Wildix platform.

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Igniting & monetising the new telco value chain

Thursday 26th November 2020 at 3:00pm GMT

With new technologies transitioning from concepts into market realities, forward-thinking service providers are transforming their monetisation strategy and at the heart of this transformation is the reinvention of traditional billing systems into modern, cloud-native monetisation solutions that empower service providers to thrive.

Join Tim Sayer, Chief Operating Officer at Strategic Imperatives and guest Andrea Warburton, Senior Business Analyst at Zen Internet to explore how a modern billing & monetisation strategy can transform service providers into digital experience providers and ignite the new telco value chain.

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Standing out in a busy UC market

Wednesday 18th November 2020 at 3:00pm GMT

Simon Horton, VP of sales at Sangoma Europe, will explore whether the UC market will ever be just cloud, and why partnering with a vendor that only offers Cloud-based UC solutions might not be the best thing for your bottom line. He will also highlight things to look at when choosing a UC vendor to partner with.
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Realising the SD-WAN opportunity

The SD-WAN market is predicted to grow 34.5% over the next five years. That would mean the 1.9 billion market size today will grow to 8.4 billion by 2025. Presented by Emily Nerland, managing director for EMEA at Masergy, the webinar will discuss how Masergy’s broad portfolio of SD-WAN solutions can help partners realise new revenue streams.
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From UCaaS to CCaaS: Transitioning to Higher Value

Join Content Guru and Comms Business to discover how to make 2021 the year you deliver new strategic value to your customers. The Customer Experience marketplace has changed. Unprecedented disruption has caused a greater global economic decline than that seen during the 2008 financial crisis. With deep recession on the horizon, channel partners aiming to thrive must supply value that is strategic to their customers’ needs, or risk lower margins and a lack of buyer engagement in the months ahead.
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Daisy webinar: getting Britain working

Presented by Julien Parven, Director of Partner Business at Daisy Communications, the webinar explores how businesses will adapt and evolve their digital transformation journey due to the pandemic, and why partners are ideally placed to support those journeys.
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Partnering for Success: The NFON Partner Programme

NFON’s forward-thinking and award-winning partner programme and to highlight the recurring revenue and profit that can be gained from our impressive portfolio of premium value-added solutions, professional services and the additional hardware opportunities from our network of vendor partners including privileged pricing.
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Streaming Music on Hold – a disruptive new revenue opportunity for Telecoms

Anthony Buxton, CEO at PromptVoice, reveals how streaming music on hold completely transforms the market.
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Is it time to move your phone and video platform to the cloud?

Join Joseph Walsh and Keith Bartlett from GoTo, LogMeIn’s leading UCC portfolio as they discuss cloud telephony solutions and the state of the cloud telephony market.
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BT Wholesale Webinar – explore IoT Data Connectivity

BT Wholesale is shining a light on how Channel Partners can unlock new revenue streams through building an Internet of Things (IoT) offering.
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BT Wholesale Webinar – Adapting the strategy to rebuild your pipeline

Learn the importance of adapting their strategies in a post-covid environment. This feeds into BT Wholesale’s campaign to ensure they keep the Channel talking.
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Make Money with Mobile: Tango Networks Webinar

Mobile communications are now essential to business. Researchers report that 80% of business calls include at least one participant on a mobile phone.
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Uncover hidden revenue with MOH

Join AudPro to learn how to uncover hidden revenue within your existing customer base.
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BT Wholesale Webinar – Keeping the Channel talking

BT Wholesale shines a light on Hosted Voice for the new future of remote and flexible working.
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