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INSTANT ACCESSMobile phone charging kiosks mean users can take full advantage of video and music downloads, while at the same  time allowing service providers to plug into the new technologies – and they charge the phone at the same time, says Nazin Ali.
The mobile telecommunications industry is constantly changing from one day to another, along with the way we live our lives and the way we carry out our work.

Indeed, mobile communications is now included in virtually everything we do, no matter whether it’s work or pleasure. So it makes sense that as public demand for the latest mobile services increases future infrastructures must be considered to help accommodate and indeed support that demand.

Thankfully, our demands for better mobile technology is being catered for. Now everyone can not only use their mobile phones for work purposes, but also for leisure, such as listening to music or watching videos on the go – as well as the ability to use our phones to pay bills, navigate us around, and send emails on the go.

Moreover mobile technology also allows us to communicate with our own burglar alarm, which can then be uploaded to secured websites so police can use the video information as evidence.

However, in order for mobile phone users to take advantage of all these services the one thing everyone needs is the most obvious: a fully charged battery .

This is the stumbling block. Because not everyone carries around chargers; and even if they did, where could they plug it in?

This is more relevant because of the new services offered to us via our phones and additional offerings that will be presented to us in the future. The more we use our mobile phones, the faster the battery level reduces; so on an average day we may tend to save our battery power by sticking to using our mobile phones for just making calls.

Thanks to new technology advances and designs in convenience mobile phone charging kiosks, we have the ability to recharge our phones more speedily. What’s more, the kiosks available today are designed in an attractive eye-pleasing way that actually encourages people to want to use them.

Not only do they offer safe and secure charging facilities in almost any location, such as bus terminals, airports and train stations, cinemas, museums and conference facilities: they also now allow video messages to be presented to those using the kiosk. This could be tourist information, or it could be targeted advertising – a useful tool for encouraging user to upgrade their phones or taking advantage of new services, such as movie downloads. The kiosk becomes a very useful communication and promotional tool.
"Kiosks today are designed in an attractive eye-pleasing way that actually encourages people to want to use them..."

A prime example of the benefits offered by the latest range of convenience mobile phone charging kiosks in public places is the ability to offer an added benefit to both the user and the property owners, such as supermarkets.

In this case customers can charge their phones whilst doing their shopping, as this allows customers to charge their phone prior to starting their shopping, while at the same time enabling the supermarkets to play promotional videos regarding store promotions.

As well as the benefits of information video presentations, convenience mobile phone charging kiosks have a number of additional features.

Depending on the design some kiosks can charge up to 36 mobile phones at once. Visible charging makes for visible security.

Options for all
Due to technology advancements in mobile phone convenience charging kiosks this also becomes a useful device for mobile phone service providers, because it allows the mobile phone user to take advantage of extra services being provided, such as games, movie downloads and wall papers all at the same time as charging their mobiles.

Further benefits associated with today’s mobile phoning convenience kiosks is the ability to enable users to charge up their PDAs and MP3 players.

That makes it a very useful mobile entertainment and communications tool within educational facilities, such as university and colleges, as well as schools – presenting mobile service providers even greater scope for offering additional benefits to its customers, while at the same enabling users to take advantage from the extra services that are being offered.

There is no doubt that for users to be able to take advantage of the offerings being presented by service providers now and in the future, that today’s infrastructures must be in a position to accommodate both the users needs and the service providers’ offerings.
Nazin Ali is Founder and Managing Director of Mobiserve UK. Mobiserve provides a range of innovative interactive mobile phone charging kiosks.