Gphone - Google's Own Handset

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Internet pioneer Google is currently in talks with Orange about launching a possible Google branded phone with integrated internet surfing, email, and other Google functionality.
The plans would involve a multi-billion dollar partnership which will allow users to go online wherever they are, making it as easy as home based internet surfing.

The handset would be based on the Google brand, but would more than likely sport Orange’s logo. The phone itself won't be revolutionary, more like a hi-spec smartphone, and will be manufactured by HTC. It'll be more about what's on the inside. The handset would have built in Google software which will hugely improve the slow browsing currently experienced on third-party browsers.

Although Google currently has software available for smartphones, these are normally Java based and therefore quite slow.

Google’s in-built software will also feature location based searches – allowing phone users to be aware of the geographical location of the handset, and details of local cinemas, restaurants, etc, plus maps and images from Google earth.

Google's co-founder Larry Page, said earlier this year, that a Google brand phone would make sense because of the company's presence in mobile Internet. "We are bringing more of our products to mobile phone users. Since there are at least twice as many mobile phones than PCs in use globally, and mobile usage is growing faster than PCs, we want to make Google available in a device-independent way".