Mobile Business Website Troubles

1 min read Networks & Network Services
As most of you will have noticed, everyone's favourite Mobile Business Magazine website has been offline for the past couple of days. What a lot of you may not know is... it's your fault! Read on to find out why.
The Mobile Business Magazine website has been growing in popularity since it's launch earlier in the year to the point where hundreds of new users are signing up each week, all eager to get the latest on the mobile industry.

We created a monster, and things went wrong in a Frankenstein-esque manner to the point where the site could no longer deal with it.

Cries of "She cannae take any more Captain!" were heard from the Webmonkeys just before the site imploded and died.

Admist the smoke and falling debris the webmonkeys faught a valiant battle to get the site back online, working all hours, but not without injury. Webmonkey #4 lost an ear, and Webmonkey #8's tail was crushed beyond all recognition before being amputated (he's now seeing a counsellor as he believes he's not the monkey he once was).

Their losses are our gain as the site is now stronger and faster than ever, located on a new server.

The Webmonkeys also have some surprises coming up in the next few weeks that'll make your favourite mobile industry website better than ever!