Voxtel's Snappy PC Phone

Networks & Network Services
Russian manufacturer Voxtel has introduced their newest Windows Mobile 5.0 device, pretty standard apart from it's the world's first smartphone to feature a 4mp camera.
With a smart looking black colour scheme and etched navigation/function keys, the Voxtel W740 certainly looks the part. The handset is a pretty standard tri-band GSM Pocket PC phone and includes GPRS and Bluetooth v1.2 for data connectivity, data input is handled with the 2.4" touch screen - there is no sliding keyboard, it's all stylus.

The 4.0 megapixel photos will take up a good amount of memory, so the inclusion of a microSD memory card slot to complement the 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM is greatly needed. A 200MHz TI OMAP processor backs up the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system in this 15mm (0.59") thick device.

The Voxtel W740 is currently only available in Russia, but could lead the way to similar handsets being introduced in Europe.