20:20 Mobile is Ready for iPhone 5

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20:20 Mobile has been planning for the latest Apple device launch over the last year and is ready to exploit the market opportunities generated through attached accessories sales as well as managing the impact on the solutions areas of its business.

20:20 Mobile estimates that the current UK market value of core accessory products for iPhone® is worth circa £100m.

Andrew Peat, Marketing and Purchasing Director at 20:20 Mobile, commented: “Apple continues to drive mobile accessories sales and this launch will be key to the success of the UK accessory market in 2012. We have been working alongside supply partners to ensure that our customer base is ready with compatible products from launch. We did a great job with the SIII, being the only distributor with cases from launch, and our customers trust us to deliver the right product at this exciting and critical time.

“We were very successful in the sourcing and supply of product for the last iPhone® launch and will be ensuring that our customers benefit from our market expertise and buying power.”

20:20 Mobile has an industry leading insight programme and has used the last iPhone® launch trends, along with the most current view on the market to source and develop a range of compatible products across multiple brands and price points that will appeal to a wide range of iPhone owners.