24 Seven's Pod product to help resellers stand out in a 'Broadsoft fog'

1 min read Unified Comms
Leeds based Telecoms company 24 Seven Cloud will be launching its brand new Unified Communications product, ‘pod’, at Channel Live in September.

Powered by Metaswitch, 24 Seven will be the 1st company in the UK to launch the UC offering, following over 100 commercially successful implementations in global markets, including the US and Europe.

"There’s an awful lot of Broadsoft fatigue in the UK market’, commented Alex Grant, director of 24 Seven Cloud. "Many resellers have expressed their frustration to us of coming up against other resellers selling exactly the same product as them when pitching UC to businesses. This is just causing a race to the bottom in terms of price because it’s largely the only way they can differentiate themselves."

24 Seven say their ‘pod’ product will offer something fresh and different. "Pod will mean resellers can stand out from the Broadsoft fog. Stronger commercials, different packages, superior support and being easier to do business with are all at the heart of our approach for resellers", added Grant. "Plus we will be the true reseller partner, as we won’t be selling ‘pod’ direct’."

To register for Channel Live and see the new platform in action click here.