AT&T Leads as 'Best Positioned Service Provider' For Largest European Enterprises

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209 European enterprises with more than 5,000 employees view AT&T as the 'Best Positioned Service Provider'.

The Yankee Group European Carrier Scorecard, Comparing Enterprise Perceptions and Customer Experience, May 2006, is an annual summary of the performance of leading providers of networked information communications technology services. The scorecard is part of the Yankee Group 2005 Global Network Strategies Survey that included responses from large multinational organizations located across the United Kingdom, France and Germany that identified service providers that they perceived to be best placed to serve their international needs. According to 209 large European enterprises with more than 5,000 employees, AT&T led nine other providers, which included incumbent providers in some markets.

The result follows AT&T being named by Fortune magazine in February this year as the World's Most Admired Telecommunications Company .

AT&T has made a relentless commitment to serving the needs of multinational companies around the globe. It announced plans to further expand its global network capabilities to service multinational enterprise customers' needs in February 2006.

Highlights of this announcement included extending dedicated MPLS-based IP access capabilities that are currently delivering MPLS service in 127 countries, new network interconnections giving greater in-depth country coverage and additional remote access points with today's total of more than 44,000 access points in 149 countries. AT&T also announced that it was doubling DSL country coverage for business access via alliance agreements with local carriers, increasing Ethernet country connectivity and adding enhanced satellite, Wi-Fi and wireless access.

Camille Mendler, vice president, Yankee Group, said "AT&T achieves the highest levels of satisfaction for its responsiveness, technical competence and consistency of its global delivery capabilities. The company continues to be a reliable and consistent service provider to the European multinational enterprise market."