Avanade provides window of opportunity to users of SAP applications

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Avanade, the IT consultancy, has launched Avanade Mobile Solutions – for SAP applications, a solution platform providing offline remote access to select SAP solutions on Windows Mobile devices.

Avanade’s mobile offering meets the needs of the worker on the move, allowing remote access to SAP applications beyond the boundaries of the network. It allows users to interact with business workflow processes and access corporate communications at their convenience, from any location, without compromising security.

Avanade Mobile Solutions – for SAP applications provides access to three SAP applications – the SAP NetWeaver portal component, the SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence component and the SAP Business Workflow tool – as well as offering overarching synchronisation support. From a security point of view, the offering supports the ability to determine roles and level of user in order to present correct data on the device. The solution also supports the ability to determine roles and level of user in order to present only permitted data, as per the access levels agreed.

“SAP applications provide business managers and finance departments with huge amounts of business data,” said Steve Butcher, mobile solution architect at Avanade. “Our mobile solution not only allows users to access SAP data in the SAP solution while on the move, but enables them to ‘slice and dice’ information, viewing charts and graphs containing only the records they need on a handheld device.”

Butcher continued, “Other solution providers have similar offerings, but many charge for servers, licences and per device. With Avanade Mobile Solutions – for SAP applications, the customer is charged for the solution only. No matter if you deploy the technology to one or a million users, you pay the same price, making it a very cost-effective solution. In an age where mobile working is becoming an employee expectation, it’s important for businesses to provide secure access to critical applications on the move. With the Avanade Mobile solution platform, users can access real-time data, respond quickly to requests and fill any dead time while travelling, all from a Windows Mobile handset.”