AVST Launches Callxpress 7.9 Unified Communications Solution

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New Version Extends AVST’s Flexibility in Deploying Unified Messaging

Throughout the Enterprise

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) today launched a new version of its flagship unified communications (UC) solution, Callxpress. The new version enhances AVST’s offering with the ability for enterprises to define the architecture that best meets their storage, access and security needs. In addition to flexible deployment options, Callxpress 7.9 features new SIP integrations and enhanced localisation features.

The vendor says that increasingly, legacy communications systems are reaching end-of-life, and a flexible roadmap to UC has become a top-of-mind consideration for corporate decision makers that are actively seeking alternative solutions. An important component of UC is unified messaging (UM) - the integration of voice, fax, and e-mail messages from a single interface including mobile phones, fixed network phones and personal computers. Now, enterprise decision makers can select from four UM architectures based on the needs of their business or they can mix and match based on individual departmental requirements. This unprecedented flexibility is unique to Callxpress and makes it the ideal UC solution for businesses of all sizes.

“Corporate messaging needs are constantly changing and evolving, leaving IT managers with a range of implementation and integration issues as they look to adopt new technologies,” said AVST’s Vice President of Product Management, Tom Minifie. “With Callxpress 7.9, enterprise customers can select from multiple ‘flavours’ of unified messaging, deploy on a user by user basis, and even change methodologies down the road. Callxpress provides companies with complete flexibility in the deployment and usage of unified messaging, both now and in the future.”

The four ‘flavours’ of unified messaging offered by Callxpress 7.9 (server-based; client-based; secure and simplified) can be uniquely tailored to fit businesses and organisations in a wide range of industries. UM architecture choices featured in Callxpress 7.9 include:

Server-based: All messages (voice, fax and e-mail) are placed into one location – the e-mail server. Users can access voice messages using any or all of their familiar methods: desktop e-mail program, telephone, web-based e-mail access program, PDA e-mail program.

Client-based: Voice and fax messages remain on the Callxpress system. This dual message store version integrates voice and fax message access from the desktop e-mail client and voice, fax, and e-mail message access from the telephone while minimising impact on the LAN and e-mail message store.

Secure: Messages on Callxpress are accessed using Web PhoneManager, a secure voice portal, ensuring that voice and fax messages never interact with the e-mail server and therefore cannot be forwarded externally.

Simplified: An e-mail notification is sent, optionally including a copy of the user’s voice or fax messages as an attachment to the e-mail.

In addition to flexible deployment options, Callxpress 7.9 offers the most comprehensive collection of user interface emulations, including Avaya Intuity AUDIX, Octel Aria, Octel Serenade and Mitel NuPoint with Centigram interface. This capability alone makes Callxpress the easiest platform to implement and offers the benefits of UC with minimal training and interfaces that are already familiar to users.

Additionally, Callxpress 7.9 features new SIP integrations to IP Telephony systems, including Avaya, Alcatel and Nortel. AVST has also developed a rapid integration tool to assist in future SIP integration projects. The new version is rounded out with expanded localisation, new Web PhoneManager (WPM) features, compatibility for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Windows Vista Business.

“Callxpress offers a unified messaging architecture that is a configuration choice, not a pre-purchase decision requirement,” added Minifie. “Every business has its own unique needs and the technologies that they adopt must adapt to their environment. Callxpress is the only platform that can offer this level of customisation and integration – from the architecture to the user interfaces.”