Broadsoft Adds More Applications

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Czech based Optimsys, a provider of voice and telephony applications, and VoIP platform vendor Broadsoft have announced that under a licensing agreement Broadsoft will integrate Optimsys' Optimtalk VoiceXML interpreter application into BroadSoft's BroadWorks(r) VoIP application platform.

Optimsys develops advanced telephony, speech and audio related technologies that feature automatic speech recognition (ASR), DTMF control, text-to-speech, audio recording and playback, flexible telephony call control and advanced human-computer dialogue management.

The Optimsys Optimtalk VoiceXML Interpreter allows interpretation of VoiceXML documents using speech recognition and synthesis or text-based input and output. Based on open standards, Optimtalk VoiceXML Interpreter enables development of interactive voice response (IVR) applications.

By integrating the Optimsys VoiceXML interpreter into the Broadworks platform, the platform's media server can be used to develop complex IVR applications.

"At Broadsoft, we are constantly researching technologies that can add to the end-user experience of the Broadworks advance IP communications solutions," said Robert Weidenfeller, vice president of Engineering for BroadSoft. "This agreement with Optimsys gives Broadsoft access to highly adaptable technology that we can use to develop add-on solutions to our current offerings. For instance, we could add to our unified messaging solution the ability for end-users to listen to their emails over the phone using text-to-speech technology."