BT Launches Bundled Fixed/Mobile Business Plan

Following a similar announcements from Orange last month, for organisations with a combined spend of more than £5k a year on fixed and mobile calls BT has launched Business Plan with BT Mobile. The scheme offers a package for all business calls.

BT says users get many benefits including saving 5% on both fixed and mobile calls.

A spokesman said, “We will recommend a call commitment based on your recent fixed and mobile spend and by simply spending this amount you can benefit from a 5% call credit back to your account at year end. Additionally with BT OneBill Plus, business’ can benefit from a single monthly bill for both fixed and mobile services. This means you get one bill at one time, with one number to call for all your billing queries. ”

Interestingly, the BT plan does not include BT Fusion and therefore displays to many observers a lack of joined up thinking. It looks what it is - a price only play and a reaction to Orange.