Cavell Disects Cisco's Acquisition of Broadsoft

Unified Comms
Today, Cavell Group held a webinar to discuss the impacts of the recent acquisition of Broadsoft by Cisco. Matt Townend, Director of Cavell, and Dom Black, Senior Analyst, discuss the size of the newly formed business and how that is likely to impact the market, namely the SP Community.

Townend highlights that this by no means a 'done-deal' as the acquisition would create a dominant player in the hosted voice market. This would certainly leave the deal open to scrutiny by the competitions authority who could potentially set some conditions of sale.

Cavell see's this as a pure product driven play by Cisco although there are some areas of overlap between the two companies, namely in the collaboration space. There is also a question mark over Broadsoft's newly launched cloud conference service as it competes directly with WebEx.

Will Broadsoft be able to maintain its agile approach to communications under Cisco's control? Will prices rise for Service Providers who have no other option? watch the video here to find out Cavell's take.

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