Cybit uses LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile to remote rescue smartphones

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Cybit, a UK telematics service provider, has integrated smartphone management into its customer support service by deploying LogMeIn’s Rescue+Mobile remote support solution.

Working in partnership with LogMeIn, Cybit can now remotely diagnose, fix and maintain its customers’ smartphones in the field, strengthening the support for its market leading Fleetstar-MRM platform.

Cybit offers internet-based vehicle tracking at the desktop and has an extensive support network enabling engineers to remotely access PCs where users need help with the Fleetstar application. The addition of

Rescue+Mobile support to Fleetstar enables Cybit’s IT support

Rescue+technicians to extend this same support to any customer’s smartphone and take control of it to resolve the user’s issue.

With Rescue+Mobile, Cybit said it has a complete cross-platform support solution. Cybit technicians can remotely diagnose and resolve technical issues on PCs, Macs and smartphones, ensuring prompt and effective support for the Fleetstar application. LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile is a multi-platform smartphone support tool that can be used to remotely access and repair today's top smartphone operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry.

By enabling call centres and other support organisations to deliver instant, on demand remote support, LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile can help increase customer satisfaction by solving problems quickly, while reducing the time and cost associated with support calls, the business claimed.

Damon McKay, head of group IT for Cybit, stated: “Mobile devices have become an integral part of our product offering, so we need a solution that can help us quickly and easily resolve any issue whether on a PC, Mac or smartphone. Before we would need to try and talk people through their problem and explain what they needed to do. But if that failed we would have to send out an engineer, which means the customer can be without service for extended periods of time.”

Cybit delivers an extensive portfolio of advanced vehicle tracking solutions to over 1,700 enterprises and manages and monitors over 45,000 assets across a wide range of industries globally. Its IT-support facility based in Huntingdon, UK supports the firm’s customer systems covering UK, Germany, Sweden, Iceland and Morocco.