Cyclist's satnav app launched on the iPhone

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Cyclists now have the Bike Hub iPhone app, already a top three navigation app on iTunes. The app is getting new people on bikes and, by displaying clever shortcuts and bicycle-friendly routes, is cutting the journey times of existing cyclists.

A new iPhone app has been launched which helps cyclists plan journeys away from busy roads. The Bike Hub app is free on iTunes.

The app uses a satnav-style routing engine developed specifically for cyclists. Unlike standard satnavs, or Google Maps, the Bike Hub iPhone app can route cyclists along cycle paths, such as routes on the Sustrans National Cycle Network. The app also routes away from up-hill slogs for cyclists who wish to avoid them, but gives a high priority to downhill routes.

Users can choose between three route modes: quietest, quickest or balanced.

Quickest route users are directed via roads (although not dual carriageways or motorways). Those cyclists who don’t care to mingle with motorised traffic would choose quietest route and would then be guided along back streets and, where available and sensible, cycle routes. The balanced route provides a good mix between the two.

The app was produced by Tinderhouse of Kent and commissioned by Carlton Reid, editor of, a newly-launched website owned by the two UK bicycle industry organisations.