Embrace VoIP or Die!

1 min read
‘Don’t get left behind’ is the message from telecoms distributor Nimans who say VoIP applications are finally coming of age as they continue to accelerate in popularity.

Dealers are being urged by Nimans to fully embrace the VoIP market or risk losing out on significant revenue streams as the convergence of voice and data moves ever closer. Faster, cheaper broadband and reliable IP-based solutions are being combined with an expanding product range from the leading vendors which is fuelling major growth in the VoIP market.

Certainly Phil Adams, Phone Systems Sales Manager at leading distributor Nimans, says the growth of VoIP and changing market trends are now too big for dealers to ignore.

“If I go back to the end of 2004 it is fair to say that 75% of IP products being shipped were being implemented with digital and analogue end points and little actual use of IP, apart from networking,” he pointed out. “The pace of IP deployment within the telecoms industry is growing significantly all the time. There is more confidence and more understanding of the many benefits that VoIP can provide.”