Global Crossing UK Improves Efficiency with Azure Interconnect

1 min read
Global Crossing's UK operation has implemented an interconnect rating system from Azure Solutions, the revenue-assurance company. Azure Interconnect provides Global Crossing UK with an automated and flexible interconnect rating system that works with existing tools and practices for enhanced operational performance and reduced costs.

Global Crossing provides a suite of converged telecommunications services over the world's first integrated global IP-based network. Its core network delivers services to nearly 600 major cities, 60 countries and six continents around the globe. The company's UK operation offers a full range of managed IP services to customers in the government, rail transportation and corporate sectors.

Global Crossing is now able to process a month's worth of traffic end-to-end, totalling approximately 190 million CDRs (call detail records) in just 17 hours, which has saved it considerable time and money administering its interconnect arrangements.

The system's open architecture and automation has allowed Global Crossing to manage tariff information in varying formats from different carriers.

This has enabled Global Crossing to reconcile with customers and vendors much more efficiently.

Mike Fiddler, head of applications development at Global Crossing UK, said: "The Azure interconnect rating system has improved our efficiency. We've been able to generate interconnect bills more quickly and have increased customer satisfaction. We're very pleased by the way that Azure has managed the implementation of our new interconnect rating system."

Saul Nurtman, senior vice president products at Azure Solutions, said: "We are delighted to be working with Global Crossing. Interconnect can be very complex, given carriers' different pricing mechanisms. Our implementation for Global Crossing is further recognition of our solutions and expertise in this area."