Gooners Go for Brand-Rex

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Arsenal Football Club has chosen Brand-Rex, the structured cabling systems provider, to install a managed network cabling infrastructure at the new Emirates Stadium.

Working in conjunction with cost consultancy AYH, and Brand-Rex approved partner Trescray Network Communications, the Club has chosen a complete Brand-Rex Cat6Plus cabling system combined with Blolite, this advanced fibre optic solution will facilitate a robust network with high capacity for data transference, and SMARTPatch Intelligent Infrastructure Management for the prestigious stadium, due to open at the start of the next football season in August 2006.

Arsenal will primarily be using the integration of SMARTPatch to control the use of ISDN lines into the stadium for use by the media on match days. The more important the football fixture at the ground, the higher the number of lines required; by using SMARTPatch Arsenal will be able to track and control usage.

SMARTPatch also enables Arsenal to have full management, control and visibility of the data network to ensure maximum operating efficiency. In addition, the project includes an integration solution between SMARTPatch and CA Unicenter, which will be deployed by the Brand-Rex technical support team in conjunction with Trescray. Members of the Arsenal IT department will also be trained on the use and maintenance of the system by Brand-Rex.

“Brand-Rex demonstrated the full potential of its Cat6Plus cabling system with Blolite and SMARTPatch, which will be invaluable to the Club. The system will enable us to re-patch ISDN lines according to media requirements on match days,” said John Beattie, Arsenal’s Stadium Manager. “SMARTPatch facilitates the tracking and control of the lines so that fewer are redundant, which in turn is more cost effective for us,” Beattie continued.

In addition to the Club’s general computer network and ISDN lines, Emirates Stadium will also house training rooms, conference facilities, and a special communications box for the Police. Again, these will all have Brand-Rex cabling and SMARTPatch to manage MACs.