Hungama Mobile brings Bollywood to Europe

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Hungama Mobile, India’s largest mobile and digital entertainment company, has announced that it will be making its vast digital catalogue of Bollywood and Indian entertainment content available in Europe, through its partnership with Wireless Expertise.

Hungama Mobile owns exclusive worldwide rights for digital distribution for music, videos and films representing over 300 leading music labels and film production studios, comprising 75% of the Indian Entertainment market. Wireless Expertise is a leading digital content distribution consulting firm focussed on helping content publishers to distribute its digital content and applications via partnerships with Europe’s leading mobile operators, music portals, app stores and media owners.

Albert Almeida, chief operating officer, Hungama Mobile, commented on the partnership with Wireless Expertise: “The demand for Bollywood and South Asian entertainment content in the UK is well established with at least four Indian films releasing every month in theatres. The popularity of Indian films is also increasing beyond the South Asian audiences in European countries such as France, Germany and The Netherlands now that the films are dubbed in local languages.”

He further added: “The European market has been historically under serviced as consumers do not always have access to legal sources of Bollywood content. Through our partnership with Wireless Expertise we hope to build our distribution and work towards satiating the consumers’ demand for Indian entertainment, especially in the digital domain. This alliance will enable us to deliver our content through well established European music portals and mobile operator stores and set the momentum for many new initiatives for Bollywood fans in the European market.”

According to Anuj Khanna, CEO, Wireless Expertise: “The Indian entertainment industry has a global audience and produces more than 1000 films and generates annual revenues of over $2.5 billion. The majority of these revenues are generated in India but there is an increased appetite for digital entertainment in Europe, through legal channels, which needs to be satisfied.”

“We are delighted to be working with Hungama Mobile to bring its entertainment content to Europe and grow the market. We look forward to jointly work with leading music stores and portals in making Bollywood content available to European consumers through both the WEB and Mobile channels.” Anuj Khanna concluded.