Increased Usability for IP Office 3.2 say MTV Telecom

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Siobhan Morey, Sales Manager at MTV Telecom says usability is at the heart of IP Office and has announced two reseller roadshows in Guildford and Manchester for the latest 3.2 release of the product.

“IP Office continues to be a strong performer in the market and the latest version adds a range of new features, especially in terms of system management, mobility and usabilty, that add up to an even more compelling reseller proposition.

The new Manager 3.2 application, as well as having an improved look and feel for quick navigation and a security and audit trail is also backwards compatible to release 2.1. The user templates enable quick programming and the CSV import/export of users, groups, directory, short codes and licenses is a real productivity boost for system engineers.

When it comes to the mobility enhancements IP Office 3.2 has added Mobile twinning which allows users to twin their desktop phone with an external phone, for example a mobile/cell or home and DDI/DID, transferred or internal calls makes key staff more contactable. Other new features include ‘Find me’ personal auto-attendant – for example press 0 for operator, 2 for colleague or 3 for mobile/cell with the Voicemail Pro reception/breakout enhancement. For unified communications enhancements include replay to email capability which uses text-to-Speech to listen and reply to sender even when you do not have access to your PC and the ability to forward a fax for printing.”

Morey concludes that usability has also been improved with the latest release with drag and drop enabled for call transfer and on the SoftConsole a consistency with the Phone Manager operation now minimise user training.