Manchester Airport Takes Off With A Wireless Network

1 min read
Manchester Airports Group (MAG) has installed and launched a wireless network for the benefit of airlines, shops and the public at large. It was implemented by network solutions partners Telindus and Trapeze Networks.

The Airport now has the facility to provide multiple secure wireless LANs to MAG internal staff and service partners. In addition, a public service run in partnership with T-Mobile, is now available to travellers within the majority of public locations throughout the terminals.

The wireless network is based on Trapeze’s Mobility System, providing a dual-purpose wireless network with private, secure access for airport staff and a public network for travellers and businesses within the airport complex. Due to the success of this network at the Airport, a similar network is being rolled out to other regional airports within MAG. This allows the Group to increase its commercial offering and cater to the growing connectivity needs of its customers and passengers.

Users do not need to be located in a specific part of the airport, but can access the Internet from any lounge or business within the complex.

“Traditionally, airports have suffered from dilution of wireless services due to the presence of multiple uncontrolled wireless infrastructures that are both difficult to manage in terms of conflicting spectrums and also potentially confusing for the travelling public, “ said Aaron Bazler, Network and Infrastructure Manager at MAG. “MAG is revolutionising this approach by teaming up with partners that can offer a single, common wireless infrastructure that will allow our travelling passengers to access wireless services in all passenger areas of the terminal.

“In addition, our airport staff, tenants and service partners, will be able to carry out tasks without physical boundaries across the same common infrastructure. Telindus has an excellent track-record in implementing best-of-breed technology solutions so was the perfect choice to implement this solution.”