New WiMAX BC service ends inherent risk of 'last mile' local loop

1 min read Networks & Network Services
On-Communications, the UK Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) provider, has announced its new “Diverse Backup” connectivity solution. This provides a WiMAX alternative connection that is totally wire free to the building. It represents a completely new model for organisations with primary Internet connections such as SDSL, Leased Line, LES, Ethernet and Fibre to ensure business continuity in a very cost effective manner.

Organisations now have the option of an always on, high capacity, highly reliable symmetrical backup connection removing the risks inherent in single “last mile” local loop connectivity. Importantly, Diverse Backup is only charged on a usage basis, after a one off installation and low monthly network reservation. This is in direct contrast to traditional fixed line backup alternatives that require the full price of bandwidth to be paid, even when the service is not used.

Available immediately, the new service provides an extremely cost effective and totally diverse routed alternative or backup solution for any organisation with critical Internet connectivity such as Leased Lines, Fibre or SDSL. As Diverse Backup is totally independent of BT Openreach and the “last mile” local loop, it is a genuine alternative for business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Delivered over On-Communications independent FWA WiMAX network and providing leased line equivalent functionality, Diverse Backup is ideal to support demanding business applications such as VoIP, hosting applications, and virtual private networks (VPN's).

Ian Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, On-Communications said: “Diverse Back Up dramatically changes the financial dynamic of adding resilient connectivity for businesses where access to the Internet is critical. Our new tariff means that it can now also be justified from a company's insurance budget, whereas typically it has been restricted to IT or Telecoms spend.

“Organisations are increasingly dependent on Internet connectivity for their day to day operations, yet IT Managers face the simultaneous challenge of providing resilient, and cost effective backup solutions. True network resiliency is a real challenge because it means circuits must originate from different exchanges and diverse entry points into a building, the cost of which until now has been prohibitive for most businesses.

“Our new WiMAX network, through its combination of resilient performance, enhanced service class functionality and totally diverse routing, delivers a compelling and cost effective alternative connection answer for UK enterprises and public sector orgnaisations that really does change the game.”

Diverse Backup can be rapidly installed, normally in less than 15 days, and is available in a range of standard symmetrical bandwidth options of 2Mb, 5Mb and 10Mb.