Next Generation Contact Centre Technology

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TouchStar Call Centre Software has announced the integration of the NMS next generation Multimedia Application boards with their TouchStar Connect call centre system for customers in the UK, following successful deployment in the US, South Africa and India. The company hails the new technology is a major step forward for TouchStar, propelling them into the enterprise level market and providing IP connectivity.

The development provides a number of benefits for TouchStar Connect customers. The advanced design capabilities of the NMS boards introduce a range of features such as Speech Recognition & Text to speech using MRCP standards, Voice XML to enhance IVR capabilities and 3G video. These high density boards also decrease platform cost by reducing the number of servers required, reduce energy consumption and decrease the possibility of platform failure. The use of VoIP as a strategy allows the management of multiple contact centres from a single console, allows agents to be sat in disparate locations all connected to the same server and of course enable home working. As VoIP circuits become more available in the UK the same board can be used to connect to ISDN30, VoIP trunks and VoIP agent stations.

The TouchStar Connect call centre solution now handles both VoIP and TDM environments, includes TouchStar's predictive dialler - offering predictive, power, preview, manual and unmanned dialling options - as well as multiple ACD and IVR features, compliance management, custom integration, quality assurance, reporting, recording, scripting and best time to call analytics. In addition, it offers six primary modules facilitating complete Web-based management of the entire system, including Administrator, Supervisor, Agent, IVR Maker, Reporter and Predictive Dialler modules.

TouchStar CCS Managing Director Dave Fricker commented: “The next generation technology in effect future-proofs the system for all expected developments such as video over cards and video links to websites. The technology provides further cost effective expandability for both inbound and outbound customers. It is also important to state that the system can also backward integrate with all existing TouchStar products and we are totally committed to continuing supplying and supporting our existing Dialogic technology.”