Panasonic's new SIP multicell dect phone

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Panasonic System Communications Europe will be launching the new ¬UDT SIP series to complete the range of SIP devices with a SIP based multi-cell DECT cordless solution. The new series will be available from July 2012 for SIP carriers, operators and open source providers.

Panasonic provides yet another innovation to deliver the ideal solution for companies with office based employees who require freedom of movement around the building whilst always remaining in contact. Utilizing standard network infrastructure, the UDT SIP DECT solution enables one communication zone throughout the site so that calls can be made or received from any location. With immediate contact to staff, overall speed and efficiency is increased and customer satisfaction is improved.

The UDT series initially includes two handset models with both small and large capacity UDS cell station transmitters, suiting the requirements of a broad range of customer and industry types.

The KX-UDT111 Standard handset is ideal for general office users in all types of organisation with long battery life, up to 12 hour talk time and including vibrate alert. The KX-UDT121 Executive model offers a slim and lightweight design, up to 14 hours battery life and includes Bluetooth headset support making it the ideal choice for retail, hospitality and healthcare industry.

High quality “wideband” voice and background noise reduction as standard demonstrate significant speech quality improvements against traditional cordless systems. Plus with simplified administration and maintenance, setup costs are also reduced with quick and effortless cell station deployment.

The Panasonic UDT/UDS series offers a complete business cordless solution with exceptional consistency of quality and performance at an affordable price.

The UDT SIP based DECT range is currently being introduced across Europe in a series of events which gives carriers and distributers the opportunity to get an insight into the new UDT/UDS multi-cell SIP DECT solutions. “Panasonic SIP Experience Days 2012” will visit the main countries around Europe. The first of the series of events was held on 29th May in London and had representatives from the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark. The participants also had the opportunity to have hands on experience with these and other products in the extensive Panasonic SIP terminal range, such as the UT670 Smart Desk phone and the UT248 Executive desk phone.

“This has been one of the most positive events I have attended. There was huge interest in the new products and there were many valuable suggestions as to how these new SIP DECT systems could be immediately implemented into customer solutions” Bob Price, European Sales Trainer, Panasonic.