News launches new innovative platform has launched my.plan – a first-of-its-kind platform for businesses to connect, configure and control all of their business communications in one place, and in real time.

Designed to operate seamlessly across devices, services and networks, my.plan combines more than two years of research and development, 50,000 man-hours and millions of data points from more than 150,000 customers and users, to deliver the ultimate connectivity solution for businesses across the UK.

With streamlined navigation, robust analytics and real-time insights never before available, my.plan is set to transform how businesses manage, control and optimise their workforce connectivity, from 1 employee to more than 10,000.

Among the key features of the new platform include:

•In-depth reporting with insights so detailed a user can analyse every call, text or byte of data consumed on any device, at any time and in real time

•Pinpoint location tracking, providing complete oversight from worker to workforce

•Easy to use spend controls and productivity tools, along with device and security features to remove the threat of malicious content with the touch of a button

•Robust enterprise-level features and support provided by the award-winning team at

Usage controls.

Dan Craddock, CEO and co-founder, commented: “Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the world of business connectivity was evolving at pace. Reliance on technology and telecommunications has never been greater, with businesses and customers alike demanding more than ever: more data, better service, 24/7 access, more flexibilty, and faster connectivity – all delivered yesterday, unlimited and at the best price. For the telecoms industry, that’s a real and difficult challenge. In a world of unlimited connectivity, how can providers and Partners add real value when the only differentiator is price?

“That’s where my.plan comes in. Never before has a single platform had the power to give Partners and customers so much control. Our cutting-edge technology gives businesses capabilities beyond that of a national telecoms network, with features, data and insights completely customised to their needs. It’s going to completely revolutionise the way businesses approach their communications, putting them front and centre of the process…exactly where they belong.”

Through the robust analytics and functionality of my.plan, businesses are also poised to realise far more than just clearer information about, and control of, their workforce’s mobile connectivity. Paired with more ability than ever before to manage costs, users will be able to harness insights to swiftly spotlight and address productivity issues and further enhance workforce efficiency. This represents a significant step forward in harnessing the power and potential of technology to drive business performance.

Craddock added: “It’s no secret that technology offers tremendous, but often unrealised, benefits to business in terms of increasing workforce productivity and driving greater efficiencies and cost savings. Innovations like my.plan represent a significant step towards achieving the true promise of technology to transform and optimise any business through better management of workforce connectivity.”