Resellers Count on Nimans for Enhanced Financial Services

1 min read
Resellers are being offered automatic approval into Nimans’ leasing brokerage as the distributor ramps-up its financial services proposition.

Nimans is hailing the move as an industry coup - opening up new reseller revenue opportunities at a time when many businesses continue to struggle with cash-flow.

Gail Fitton is the company’s new Financial Services Manager and says Nimans can provide an enhanced range of flexible finance options, from 0% interest rates to cost effective leasing services - to help resellers sell more solutions.

“We enjoy excellent working relationships with various funders and they have agreed to automatically approve resellers for leasing instead of them going through what could be lengthy accreditation processes. In the past it was a particular problem for dealers that were not that well established. Gaining automatic leasing acceptance is very uncommon, but not with us.”

In addition resellers can also offer their customers the opportunity to lease headsets for the first time. Fitton added: “Whilst this will not be suitable for sporadic headset sales, it will prove useful over a sustained period of time as resellers can bundle their orders together for customers that buy large quantities.”

She concluded: “Cash remains king in the economy. Tax benefits of leasing and lower rental makes it an easier sell for resellers who can then go back and up-sell at a later stage. In addition leasing creates the potential for bigger solution-led sales based on what a customer can afford on a monthly basis compared to one upfront cash outlay. Leasing continues to grow for us as it is a proven way for resellers to unlock more sales. It is not just limited to the products we sell.”