Seiko Saves Time with SMS

1 min read
KAPOW! (, the UK’s first SMS text gateway, today announced that its technology is being used by Seiko UK, the UK subsidiary of the world-famous watch and clockmaker, to provide a SMS text-alert service that enables fast and efficient contact with customers and Seiko’s UK sales team.

Previously, when Seiko carried out a repair or service on watch or clock, the item was posted back to the customer but it was not feasible for Seiko to let customers know that this had been done. Using Kapow!’s SMS database and gateway customers are now automatically notified via SMS that their watch or clock is on its way as part of the repair process. This ensures that the customer knows when the work has been carried out and that they only need to contact Seiko if the package doesn’t arrive within a few days of the SMS notification. This also relieves Seiko’s call centre of calls from customers enquiring after devices that are already on their way back to their owners.

Seiko will also be using Kapow!’s SMS gateway to maintain contact with its UK sales team. Messages can be sent individually, for example, to advise a sales person to contact a particular customer; broadcast to groups within the team, such as managers or specific regions; or even the entire team simultaneously.

Richard Whitbread, financial controller at Seiko UK, said: “Providing important information to customers and its people on a proactive basis, but in a feasible manner, is a challenge for any organisation. Seiko UK believes that SMS is the most flexible, practical and cost-effective way to do this.

“Just about all our customers have mobile phones and all our sales people do so SMS as a broadcast or individual communication managed seamlessly through Kapow!’s gateway immediately struck us an extremely effective business tool.

Its simplicity and our obvious determination to keep customers in the picture also help enhance our reputation for innovation and good customer service.”

Andrew Cowles, technical director at KAPOW!, said: “SMS is still not being used enough as a business tool. Companies like Seiko are breaking the mould though and its use of SMS will pleasantly surprise customers and others when they receive something as simple as a SMS letting them know succinctly exactly what is going on in a simple-to-keep and digest format.”