South West Communications Links Chief's Facilities

1 min read Networks & Network Services
South West Communications Group has installed a wireless data link between Exeter Chiefs’ temporary summer training camp and Sandy Park Stadium.

With a multi-million pound redevelopment programme taking place at the Chiefs’ home ground this summer, the squad and coaching team has been re-located to the University of Exeter.

The club’s main sponsor South West Communications Group has eased this process by installing a point to point wireless link between the two sites to enable the coaching team to access their files and applications held on servers at Sandy Park.

South West Communications Group’s engineering director Brian Lodge said: “The temporary site did not have any underground or overhead cabling in place suitable for the coaching team’s needs and although it is is two kilometres away from Sandy Park, we were able to install a point to point link between the two sites to enable the coaching staff to seamlessly gain access to their files.”

Point to point links are a cost-effective means of linking sites as they negate the need to dig up roads and land to lay cables and can be therefore deployed within days rather than months.