T-Mobile launches Boosters price plan

1 min read Networks & Network Services
T-Mobile has announced the launch of Boosters, a new service that allows both existing and new T-Mobile customers to get more of what they want and adapt their price plan to suit their lifestyle.

Available on both pay as you go and contract, Boosters give customers more value from their T-Mobile price plan. Activated immediately and with no tie-in, customers are free to change their Boosters from one month to the next to create a personalised price plan.

There are four categories of Boosters, each designed to enhance customers’ existing price plans: Talk & Text, giving customers more minutes and texts when they need them. This is billed as ideal for those who use their mobile a lot for calling or texting, or if there’s a special occasion coming up where more texts and call time will be needed; Travel, giving customers better value when calling home from elsewhere in Europe. This is for keeping in touch while working, travelling or holidaying abroad. Euro Boosters give customers 50% extra credit for free; International calling, giving customers better value when making calls to overseas destinations, for those with friends or family living or holidaying abroad, or those buying property in overseas locations; and internet, giving contract customers better rates for connecting to the internet while on the go.

Steve Mitchell, head of post-pay marketing at T-Mobile, said: “T-Mobile Boosters offer great value for our customers. Whether they want to do more talking and texting, internet surfing on the move, calling abroad or calling from Europe, there’s a Booster to suit everyone. Boosters are a great way for customers to create a personalised plan that fits their lifestyle, whatever life throws their way.”