News launches quarterly UK Broadband Factsheet

1 min read MSPs, an independent broadband news and information site, is today launching its UK Broadband Factsheet, the first of a quarterly resource highlighting the top broadband findings across the nation.

The Factsheet will give readers an insight into the state of the UK’s broadband revealing true broadband speeds, levels of satisfaction, broadband market share and a timeline spanning 12 years from 2000, demonstrating key broadband events.

Sebastien Lahtinen, co-founder of comments, “We hope by releasing a regular Broadband Factsheet, it will provide us all with a larger, clearer picture into the state of the nation’s broadband; whether we are moving forward and if so, exactly how fast. We believe this will help greatly with the progress of broadband provision in the UK.”

By releasing a Broadband Factsheet each quarter, aims to track the progress of broadband across the country, with easy comparison made between each Factsheet using the comprehensive infographics. Future editions will include a special feature focussing on one topical aspect of broadband in more detail.

The data for the factsheet is based on a number of sources, representing a holistic view of the broadband landscape. Journalists looking for the underlying data are invited to contact thinkbroadband for more details.

The first version of the UK Broadband Factsheet can be found here: