Tiscali Launch Annexe M SDSL to Channel

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Tiscali has announced a new package of wholesale telecoms services available to channel partners offering faster, more innovative and less expensive services than BT’s SDSL and leased lines

Annex M and SDSL (M) will allow Tiscali partners to provide their customers with greater service options and a host of attractive features, including higher guaranteed bandwidth for businesses, a doubling of VoIP connections per company and the opportunity to run multiple services such as voice, video and other media over a single circuit.

Annex M and SDSL (M), available through Tiscali Business Services, are an extension of Tiscali’s ADSL2+ product infrastructure and uses Tiscali’s technologically advanced Next Generation Network. SDSL (M) is an industry first, ideally positioned as a perfect replacement for BT’s SDSL or leased line circuits where costs are prohibitively high, particularly for smaller businesses.

Annex M extends the capability of ADSL2+ by doubling the number of upstream bits with a corresponding decrease in the less important downstream. Data rates can be as high as 16Mbdownstream and up to 2.5Mb upstream under near perfect conditions. These speeds vary depending upon the type of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) being used, local

line quality and distance from the exchange.

A market first, SDSL (M) is an SDSL type service delivered over ADSL infrastructure with an option of three fixed, symmetrical bandwidth, 1:1 products at 512K, 1Mb and 2Mb.

Lance Spencer, Product and Marketing Director for Tiscali Business Services, says: “SDSL (M) is an ideal BT SDSL replacement at a fraction of the cost and with far more bells and whistles. Unlike the BT product, which is based on its legacy networks, SDSL (M) will easily scale for further enhancement as it is delivered across Tiscali’s future-proof 21st Century network.

“This product provides a 1:1 style symmetrical service up to 2Mb across more than double the geographic business footprint of BT’s legacy service. It has a full range of advanced features, including Enhanced Care, up to 2Mb guaranteed bandwidth and up to 1Mb, MPLS tagged, QoDSL with Service Level Guarantees.”

The premium and feature rich Tiscali SDSL (M) 2Mb product is less than half the monthly price of BT’s nearest SDSL product. SDSL (M) includes rapid ADSL based delivery, enhanced care as standard, guaranteed throughput, minimum one month contract, and potential to use low cost ADSL based CPE.

“This is great news for Tiscali channel partners and will put them streets ahead of competitors. This product set is incredibly comprehensive at prices which make the whole proposition extremely attractive,” says Spencer.

All Annex M services are delivered across Tiscali’s own Local Loop Unbundled (LLU) infrastructure which has tried and tested, sophisticated network engineering and prioritisation capabilities, to ensure that business traffic is prioritised at times of high network load.

Spencer concludes: “ADSL has been a major success in the business market, however, the only downside has been constraints on applications related to the limitation of upstream bandwidth. With Annex M this issue is fully resolved and businesses, from the smallest SME to large multi-site organisations, can take advantage of low cost, high quality, high throughput bandwidth - the ball game changes completely.”