Toshiba Reseller Flying Start for 2006

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Toshiba Business Communications Division (BCD) has announced the launch of a new partner recruitment programme.

The Toshiba Flying Start Programme promises to provide resellers with all the tools they need to start selling Toshiba products within just four weeks. It includes sales and technical training, a range of personalised marketing collateral and a basic demonstration kit.

“One of the challenges for partners in taking on a new technology is the time it takes to generate revenue from the initial investment,” said Tim Webb, general manager, Toshiba BCD. “The Flying Start Programme will remove that barrier. It gives resellers a fast return on their investment in Toshiba, enabling them to start talking to customers and driving sales in a very short time frame. Moving forward, they can benefit from the full range of training and support we have available to further develop their business.”

Technical training will focus on the Toshiba Quick Start product set, a preconfigured system designed specifically for the lower end of the SMB market.

The Programme’s sales training will give resellers a detailed view of how the Strata product range can enhance customer relationships, drive productivity and maximise profitability for customers.

Resellers can then progress to sales of the complete Toshiba Strata CTX and CIX product set, and promote a full range of TDM, hybrid and IP telephone systems, suitable for any customer at any stage of their business.

The Flying Start Programme is also supported by Toshiba’s Xchange partner reward scheme, which includes extra incentives for new partners for the first three months.