Touchline Video Announces’s Range of User Friendly Services

1 min read MSPs’s Easy to Use Videoconferencing Services Now Available to Test!

Touchline Video UK Ltd, a UK-wide value added distributor in the audio, video and web collaboration industries, has announced that its partner,, is making its entire suite of new videoconferencing services available to test drive, so users can see for themselves just how easy the technology is to use. is a global videoconferencing as a service provider that has invested the better part of five years and more than four million dollars developing videoconferencing services that make it simple and easy for traditional videoconferencing systems, PC’s, Macs, tablets and smartphones to collaborate in multi-participant video conference meetings.

With a range of user friendly options available, is perfect for both the experienced user and those that have yet to adopt videoconferencing as the preferred communications technology. is easy to use, easy to scale and affordable to buy, and offers a documented and immediate return on investment.

Evan J. Andriopoulos, CEO of comments: “We have spent several years developing the services and with each small step we have kept the user experience in mind. From the ease of use, where you need only take ONE step to join a meeting, right through to our service bundles, we have focused on the 95% of the market that has yet to embrace videoconferencing. is about the user and not about the latest in tech talk technology.”

Services in the range include:

EasyConference - a cloud service that enables several video conferencing systems and mobile options to connect to a virtual meeting room with as many participants as needed. Participants can share presentations and the service is accessible through traditional videoconferencing systems, PCs, MACs, iPhones and iPads with Android OS Supporting coming shortly.

EasyNumbers - makes videoconferencing as easy as making a phone call; it’s the dial tone for the videoconferencing world. Each EasyConference virtual meeting room and all video systems are enabled with an EasyNumber instead of difficult to remember IP addresses to promote ease of use.

EasyCatalog - a phone book for the video world, the global directory for videoconferencing systems enables companies and colleagues alike to find each other’s video dialing information.

Easymeeting Expert - provides live support to make sure meetings are successful. With there is live support available through video, phone or email in several different time zones.

WebTv - offers a recording service for customers meetings allowing organisations to easily share meetings with another group or those who were unable to attend.