VC Majax Set to Revolutionise Major Incident Management

1 min read
Voice Connect has pioneered the technology enabling their VC MAJAX product to provide real time ‘on screen’ updates showing the ETA of groups of personnel during major incidents.

Developed specifically for the NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and Police Forces, by Leicester based company Voice Connect, VC MAJAX is designed to fit in with existing emergency plans, but automates the ‘ring around’ process to contact groups of personnel needed to assist during major incidents. As well as automating the process to see if these people can attend the scene, VC MAJAX now provides a real time ‘on screen’ display for those that need to see who is available to attend the incident, when they are due to arrive and who is unavailable.

“There are other products out there that are capable of contacting specific groups of people during major incidents. However, our clients asked us to go one step further and develop a system capable of providing updates for those co-ordinating the attendance of personnel during major incidents and we have now pioneered this technology through VC MAJAX.” Stefan Olsberg, MD, Voice Connect.