Wildix host inaugural UC&C Summit

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For the first time Wildix are hosting their UC&C Summit in Europe this February (18th - 19th). Organised and sponsored by Wildix, will bring together the best partners from around the world to take stock of the Unified Communications development with the support of “MZA” analysts and “Value Selling” sales experts.

According to Wildix, many companies that sell UC are observing their turnover reducing in an alarming way: fierce competition, radical change of the way companies purchase and manage technology, rapid spread of the cloud-based services, all these factors influence the Industry and System Integrators.

"What is needed to adapt to the Industry changes? - radical rethinking of the business model and System Integrators transformation from simple "one time Suppliers" to real reoccurring model operators , who are able to understand and implement this market switch from on Premise sales of UC as a Service. In some countries this evolution is already taking place and we have been talking about it for a long time, however many parts of Europe are still pretty far from this shift”, comments Steve Osler, CEO of Wildix.

Day 1 will be dedicated to the traditional Partner Conference, where the biggest Wildix announcement take place: new products, features, releases, results of 2018. The second day will be dedicated to training workshops and discussion panels, aimed at learning the successful implementation and refinement of the OPex model.

Hosted at The World Trade Centre in Barcelona, the UC&C Summit will then be replicated in the US on March 21-22, 2019 in Washington D.C.

Special Guests include:

Jim Roche, one of the leading experts in Value Selling , which is considered one of the best sales school in the world by the IT industry analysts. The Value Selling method is adopted by major companies like Google, NCR, Youtube, VMWare, Deutsche Telekom and many others.

Peter Hale, researcher and analyst from MZA with over 20 years of experience. MZA is one of the UK leading consulting companies, specialized in monitoring and analyzing of the global trends and developments in the communication market, and the way these changes can be capitalized and transformed into business opportunities.

Another special Guest, the Kanban method expert , the technique born with the LEAN formula in Toyota, which allows you to implement a more performing management in the production process.