Xelion Certifies Zapappi as first UK Sip Trunk Provider

1 min read Unified Comms
Zapappi has become the first company to receive a formal certification from the Xelion team in the UK to provide SIP to partners, this ensures that partners will be supported by both parties when using them in combination. Xelion allows partners to connect the platform to any SIP Trunk provider for call routing.

Dave Reynolds, Managing Director at Xelion, said: "Operating an open SIP platform is unique in the UK, our partners can connect Xelion to any SIP Trunk provider and any SIP based devices. This model allows partners to leverage ongoing agreements with other partners or use different networks or handsets for different customers. A partner recently bid and won a sizable deal based on being able to remove an on premise PBX but continue to use the Sip Trunk service that was in place due to a contractual commitment. We have also seen a rise in the adoption of recycled handsets that are being used with the existing voice platform which makes a lot of sense. If a business invested in 50 IP handsets three years ago, why not give the option to either re-use for a lower rental or buying new handsets in a bundle."