10 Million Voda-Roamers

Vodafone announced this week that it’s now hit the 10 million mark of customers signing up for Vodafone Passport, Vodafone’s roaming service which enables customers to take their domestic price plan abroad for a small connection fee per call.

The network said with more than 150,000 customers joining every week more than a third of all roaming customers have signed up since Passport launched back in May 2005.

The average cost of a roaming call for Passport customers is below 30 pence per minute, about half the average cost of roaming last year.

Vodafone committed back in May that they would offer reduced wholesale rates to enable better value roaming for all mobile customers across Europe.

The company has agreements with other operators who work out to be more than half  of their wholesale traffic, to reduce wholesale prices to EUR 0.45 per minute or less on a mutual basis.

They also intend to launch a roaming price text information service before the holiday season next year. The new service, similar to the existing UK service, will enable customers to send a text message to requesting info on the cost of making a call or sending a text in the country they are visiting.

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