24 Month Contracts with Orange

This week sees the relaunch of Orange’s 24 month contracts. Three of their most popular tariffs are due for the 2 year treatment, just as retailers and consumers alike are turning their noses up at what now seems a paltry 18 months.
The Dolphin, Racoon, and Canary are all going 24 in response, Orange say, to customers wanting a better deal in return for longer commitment.

"Our new 24-month contracts are perfect for those looking to get significantly better value in return for a lengthened commitment and hanging on to their handset for two years," says Orange’s Rob Kerrison.

"Customers can talk and text even more, reducing the chance of having to spend beyond their monthly package cost."

Orange already tried a 24 month contract, a few years back, but quickly stopped citing the market wasn’t ready.

According to Orange 70% of its customers since August 2006 are on 18 month contracts, but lets see how happy they are in five months time.

The major issue with a two year contract is the handset itself. Not only would the handset be out of date, but a heavy use phone could quite possibly expire before the end of the subscription. In which case consumers might have to resort to buying a new piece of kit, sim-free. At £200-250 for a mid-range phone these deals aren’t looking as good.  

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