4.5m mobile snaps at World Cup

The proliferation of camera phones means that this year’s World Cup in Germany is set to be the most photographed sporting event in history says mobile device management company SmartTrust.

And the company estimates that 4.5m images will be captured on spectators’ phones during the four weeks of the tournament.
The challenge for operators, SmartTrust says, is relating this opportunity into revenue after the same survey discovered that a photo taken with a camera phone has only a 30% chance of being forwarded by MMS. Fewer than 1m of the Word Cup photos taken on a mobile phone will be used in an MMS.
Existing barriers to using the service, such as inaccurate configuration of the handset, and consumer concerns over pricing and interoperability will be exasperated by the fact that users will be ‘roaming’ on a foreign network.
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