97% of Dealers want CashBack rules Changed

In a recent poll only 3% believed CashBack should remain as it is. Operators should join the debate before BBC’s Watchdog does.

Since recently campaigning to have CashBack banned or regulated, Chris Caudle, Founder, IMPDA recently posted a number of polls to IMPDA Members and the wider dealer community.

After receiving some negative comments from a handful of dealers regarding his tireless campaign to change cashbacks, Caudle polled the dealer community for a vote of confidence in what he and the IMPDA are doing –

Vote of confidence – Founder IMPDA, Chris Caudle
“If you think he should step down from the IMPDA altogether – please vote.”

Results –
NO –  87.5%
YES – 12.5%

After receiving this overwhelming vote of confidence it was no surprise that the dealer community voted 97% per cent to change the way that cashbacks are handled.

Perhaps surprisingly though was that a near 70% want them banned completely.

“Do you want Mobile Phone Cashbacks Banned?”

69.6% – Yes Totally
21.5% – Should Be Network Regulated
5.9% – Should Be Distributor Regulated
3% – No change is required

This will be bad news for the networks that are not yet talking with Chris Caudle as Mobile Business Magazine believes he is about to be interviewed by BBCs Watchdog programme to be aired in the near future and has received ‘off the record’ promises from at least 2 networks as to their future intentions before he goes to the studios.

With the prospect of several thousand consumers being owed cashback, Caudle is once again calling on the networks to arrange a meeting between distributors and a selection of dealers to form a strategy to resolve the cashback debacle before his media blitz gets to a critical mass and the mainstream media runaway with the issue.

Caudle: “The cash back issue goes on with further complaints from the public appearing in the papers, and on TV although 3 and Orange have made a gesture to sort something, and 3’s comment to cut out the cashback to dealers was welcomed by many people, the likes of Vodafone, O2, and Virgin have remained deathly quite on the subject.

Does this mean they are happy to let the cash back issue carry on and are happy to still let those who offer more than their commission carry on giving us all a bad name. 

Looks like it by their silence. 

Perhaps O2, Vodafone, and Virgin will make a statement on where they stand on the issue, as 3 and Orange have done.”

The IMPDA can be contacted via contact@impda.co.uk

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