A Dealer’s View of Three

For a communication’s company Three don’t seem to be all that great at communicating according to the Indies, something that’s annoyed them… a lot.
I really did not want to mention three network again as they have been in the press enough this month of October, but I have to as this will explain why I have been so really annoyed and disgusted at three, just when we though they were getting things together, this happens.

Well Thank you Marc Allera, very kind of you to send an email at 6.24pm on the 31st October, proudly stating that and I quote “Please be aware that as of the 1st of November 2007 Half Price Line Rental will not be available on both 12 and 18 month tariffs.”

Where was the prior notification from you about to this?   Promotion to customers telling them of the end of this would have increased sales, but as usual you’re late again.  I just really cannot understand where you are coming from.  

You say you think a lot of the independents and will do all you can to assist them, yet you send out POS material mid month, then you send the only email we have received on this, not even a note of encouragement or thanks to the dealers for their work so far this year, just a two liner.  This note could have been sent by one of the managers or indeed dealer support, so if it was so important to have the sales director send it, was that all you could say?  I would have thought you would have had better things to do as a director, like trying to get the best for your dealers.

Do you really have a strategy, do you really support dealers, if so please then let everyone know in an email what it is and how you intend to support dealers.  Why not listen to dealers for their opinion, not just your own people and you might get a better insight, and I don’t mean at a dealer conference as the majority of dealers in the UK do not attend, because they are too busy.

We listen to customers, and they tell us that 3’s customer services are poor, they don’t always tell the truth when questions are asked of them, coupled with POS material being sent at the wrong time, now this email, we have to ask if you would be prepared to discuss this with us with a view to improving the situation for all.

In fact as It’s now the 1st November, where are the POS material for this month or do we again get this around the 15th, if so god help us at Christmas, because every other network as usual will have sent us their POS material well before the start of the month, that means a certain amount of potential lost sales, its not rocket science, so please, give the dealers and explanation via MB magazine.

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