A Record High

A Record High

Storacall provides Daewoo Securities Europe with the highest altitude (non-airborne) call recorder in the UK.

With their clear vantage point over the city of London at the top of the prestigious Tower 42 complex, Daewoo Securities are truly well positioned. For the past 30 years, Daewoo securities have maintained their elevated position as one of South East Asia’s leading financial services companies providing their customers with innovative investment products and services. For a company that values adaptability, flexibility and personal service there was only one choice to meet their call recording needs.

Founded in South Korea in 1970, Daewoo Securities quickly established themselves as a global leader in the provision of investment services, focusing primarily on the trading of securities. Millions of pounds change hands in the Daewoo trading rooms on a daily basis so keeping track of who said what to whom is a critical business function. For the Daewoo traders, a simple misunderstanding could potentially lead to the loss of significant sums so the clarification and verification of transaction terms is an essential tool for doing business.


With multi-million pound deals taking place in a high-pressure environment, Daewoo came to Storacall with two simple requirements – a robust, mission critical recording system that was simple and easy to use. After lengthy investigations into the options available to them Storacall’s Voistore recorder was selected for this purpose. Asoka Peiris, Head of IT at Daewoo Securities Europe Limited said;

“Our traders work in a busy and pressured environment and need to be confident that if disputes arise, they can be resolved quickly. Voice Recording was an obvious solution for us and we needed to be sure that we had the most reliable, straightforward and cost-effective option available. After looking at a number of alternatives we settled on Voistore as it provided all the functionality we expected at a reasonable cost.”

Storacall’s Voistore solution records trader’s calls direct from the handsets on Daewoo’s Nortel switch – full integration to the Nortel handsets means that details such as agent names and extension numbers are easily accessed from the search screen. Information such as date/ time, call duration DDI and CLI are supported as standard but it is the ease of use that made the Voistore solution the right one for Daewoo, Mr Peiris said;

“We like being able to search for calls using a number of different criteria and have found the Voistore user interface to be the most straightforward we have seen. In this environment calls often need to be accessed urgently, Voistore allows us to find calls instantly using a variety of search methods. We can pinpoint calls in a matter of seconds and play them back on any user machine in the building.”

The architecture of Voistore was another significant factor in Daewoo’s decision. Based entirely on a web model, Voistore allows users to access the recorder from any LAN or Internet connection in the world. This means that managers can access their recordings from home or offices overseas and are even able to live monitor calls from thousands of miles away. The business benefits of this are clear for Daewoo and the minimal overhead involved in supporting a truly networked solution were a huge plus for the Voistore.

“We especially like the fact that we can access the recorder from anywhere. It provides us with a very adaptable solution that our traders can access instantly, wherever they are,” said Mr Peiris. “The live monitoring function is also a great benefit to us – we can listen to calls as they happen and monitor transactions in real-time. This is a great tool for us.”

In the time it has been installed, Voistore has proved it’s worth to Daewoo Securities, enabling traders to conduct their business in the confidence that they are supported by a robust and highly specified solution. In the words of Mr Peiris;

“Storacall have been a delight to do business with. They made every effort to understand our requirements and provide us with a solution that fits our needs exactly. Voistore is now an essential part of our business and continues to provide us with an excellent recording solution.”

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