A Result for Anglia Telecom

Dealers are saying it themselves, Anglia Telecom offer an exceptional service throughout their entire business.
Through in depth, independently conducted research, dealers were asked what they really think of Anglia Telecom and the results speak for themselves.

The research, conducted by telephone survey, focused on the core areas of the Anglia Telecom business and was commissioned to see where the Anglia Telecom business stood.

Providing information to dealers is at the forefront of Anglia Telecom’s activities, constantly providing product news, updates and promotional information, indeed an impressive 77% of dealers rate this part of the business good to excellent.  All information is also automatically reflected on the Anglia Telecom’s website (www.angliatelecom.co.uk) and feedback shows exceptional scores when rating the amount and accuracy of information available, plus some 75% of dealers rate the site good to excellent when referring to ease of use and navigation.

Anglia Telecom is well known for focusing on the quality of their service they deliver and thoroughly training new staff in all aspects of their business as part their induction as well as a comprehensive plan of on going staff training.  This constant staff development has clearly paid off with their entire sales support department scoring an overall rating of 84% good to excellent throughout their service, from answering the telephone and queries through to product knowledge and network support provided.  Similar complimentary results were received when referring to the company’s accounts department, when dealing with queries and making prompt payments, and the marketing department, when producing the monthly packages, product updates and the notable innovative advertising campaigns which have focussed on their staff and quality of service.

Dealer Managers were also praised with top scores for their product knowledge and updates, general support and regular dealer visits.  In addition, the majority of product queries and questions are dealt with very well and repairs undertaken on time.

Andrew Smith, Anglia Telecom’s CEO comments, “These results are outstanding and really prove we are getting it right.  All the team work hard to continue to meet customers’ needs and expectations whilst we continue to invest in further improvements, training and incentives to help and support our dealers.  It is true to say, the company will never sit still, we will always focus on enhancing our business even further, strengthening the relationships with our dealers and providing an even better service across our entire business.  We are now using these results as a benchmark and in 6 months time we’ll repeat the exercise and see where we are then.  It helps planning, it helps shows our strengths and weaknesses and it shows us exactly why our dealers are so loyal”.

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