All-Purpose Payments Platform

Valista, a leader in multi-channel payments and merchandising software, has announced the latest release of PaymentsPlus.
This is claimed to be the first payments platform that supports any type of mobile, Internet and broadcast content service including direct-to-bill, premium SMS, credit/debit cards, Person-to-Person payments, stored value, proximity payments, loyalty programs and electronic vouchers.
Valista reckons the new version of PaymentsPlus will reduce a service provider’s time-to-market for new payment services and future-proofs an evolving payment strategy.
“Operators, ISPs and service providers need the ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the global payments market,” said Raomal Perera, CEO of Valista. “Using the latest version of Valista PaymentsPlus, carriers can now commit to one payment platform to deliver all of the payment services that they may want to deploy now or in the future. The platform has been built to handle huge volumes of transactions, which is very important with the current explosive growth in off-portal content sales.”
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