All you can eat internet for £1 a day

T-Mobile UK announces that pay-as-you-go mobile phone customers can enjoy the best web experience on a mobile with web’n’walk.
The announcement, designed to open up the mobile Internet to everyone, will give T-Mobile pay-as-you-go customers the freedom to email and surf the web whenever and with complete control on costs.
web’n’walk offers the ultimate mobile Internet experience available on a handset and is unlike other operators’ services which only allow the customer to interact with a very limited and cut-down version of the Internet. So, if you want to check out a friend’s blog while you’re waiting for your train, or book that last minute flight on, web’n’walk will give you the freedom to do it. Pay-as-you-go web’n’walk combines economy with absolute cost control.

Customers can browse as little or as much as they like, always confident that they will be getting value for money. It costs less than 1p per kilobyte for browsing. For customers, it’s often tricky to keep track of the number of kilobytes they are using whilst browsing. So with pay-as-you-go web’n’walk, even if a customer has browsed extensively on a particular day, they will know that their costs will never get out of control. That’s because as soon as the costs hit £1, their spending is capped and they can browse for the rest of the day at no extra cost.

Phil Chapman, Director of Marketing for T-Mobile UK, said: “No other operator lets its customers browse the “real” Internet from their handset. web’n’walk enables people to check out the websites that are personal to them, not just a prescribed number of partner sites as offered by other operators. It’s very personal – users can do what they want to do, when they want to do it. T-Mobile has made browsing the Internet on your mobile accessible for everybody because you’ll never spend more than a pound a day – no matter how long you’re surfing. We believe that this offers tremendous value to our customers and we hope that they’ll enjoy checking out their favourite websites, communicating by email and browsing the Internet on the move in the same way as they do at home."

All new web’n’walk devices are designed to connect to the Internet from the moment a customer buys one. They’re simple to use, since they work the way customers are familiar with on their PC – even with Google on the home page.

The range of web’n’walk handsets on pay-as-you-go includes some of the most popular devices such as the Motorola V3. Further devices will be announced shortly.

Today’s announcement builds on T-Mobile’s commitment to providing market leading value for mobile calls, text, and Internet. It follows T-Mobile’s redefinition of pay-as-you-go voice tariffs this April; its introduction of a new standard roaming charge of 55p per minute across most European countries and the US, also in April; its launch of Flext in March, changing the UK pay monthly market; and the introduction of a web’n’walk rate of only £7.50 a month for pay monthly contracts.

T-Mobile’s new Internet service pricing –

Pay-as-you-go: ‘Never more than £1’ maximum daily rate available on Mates Rates, Text Appeal and Everyone pay-as-you-go plans

U-Fix: Choice of £1 maximum a day or £7.50 a month extra for unlimited use

Flext and Relax: £7.50 a month extra for unlimited use

In all cases, compatible handsets are needed. A fair use policy applies. The pay-as-you-go £1 daily rate is available since 1st August. It will also be available to pay monthly customers towards the end of 2006. U-Fix, Flext and Relax are subject to minimum term contracts.

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