Another BlackBerry alternative?

inVue inHand, which was launched at a Business StartUp Exhibition last month, looks interesting – a BlackBerry-style application for the smaller business, except that it works with almost any phone and is a fraction of the cost.

It claims to give “virtually” the same functionality as a Blackberry both on the road and back at the office, and it does not require an Exchange server.
So it provides live access to emails, shared diaries, up to date contacts lists and urgent tasks, all fed in real-time to any mobile from an online collaboration system. It also offers personalised fax-to-email numbers, Skype voice calls and Instant Messaging, SMS, and sales lead management, CRM and automated workflow tools.
Pricing starts at £14.99 a month for a single-user system, though ten users for £89pm seems a more likely target.
inHand is looking for resellers and has a tie-up with T-Mobile.

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