Apple’s Bigger iPhone

Apple have released a new version of the iPhone doubling the memory to 16GB as predicted, but still no sign of 3G.
Both the iPhone and iPod touch have benefitted from double the memory, doubling the amount of music, photos and videos that customers can carry with them wherever they go.

Though the handsets were expensive before? Well now the 16GB model can be yours for £329, joining the 8GB model for £269. The iPod touch now comes in a 32GB model for £329, joining the 16GB model for £269 and the 8GB model for £199.

“For some users, there’s never enough memory,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPod and iPhone Product Marketing. “Now people can enjoy even more of their music, photos and videos on the most revolutionary mobile phone and best Wi-Fi mobile device in the world.”

Still no talk of a 3G version of the phone though, but this could come later in the year with another memory increase to match the 32GB Touch.

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