Apps 2016

Throughout 2016 we have had the pleasure of testing some great mobile applications. Here we take a look at the best business apps from the last twelve months.

Taking notes during meetings can be a pain but unfortunately is a necessary evil. What you then do with those notes is important as they can slip into folders never to be seen again. GoodNotes is a way of storing your hand written notes, diagrams or PDFs into a handy filing system. It allows you to add notes to pages and share with colleagues. It even comes with a data backup function to prevent your notes from going walkies! Available on iOS and Android.

Calendars 5
Calendar 5 is heavy weight when it comes to the calendar world. It does an exceptional job of displaying everything you need to know about your schedule. It comes with all the standard views and also supports natural language which means you can just enter events in plain text or even through speech. It also comes with several task management features which makes blasting through your to-do list a pleasure every day. It’s one of the easiest apps to sync with various third party calendars and it even comes with a hand timeline to view all upcoming events easily. Available on iOS for £4.99

Cloze is more than your average address book. It is a feature rich, all in one contact/ social network/ email control centre. It syncs with information from your social media and emails so that your contact list is constantly up to date. It is also a one-stop-shop for your social media allowing you to tweet, update status information, like and share links plus a lot more. Cloze also identifies who your most frequent interactions are with and will surface tweets, status messages and other information from those people. Available on Android and iOS for free.

PrinterShare Mobile Print
The free version of PrinterShare only offers limited printing options but with a premium account you can get unlimited printing of virtually any document to a compatible wireless printer. You can print Gmail emails, documents, contact lists, photos and sms/mms files wirelessly from your mobile device. Access documents via SD card, device memory, and Google Docs to print to any nearby printer. Printer access can be achieved via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB connection. Available on Android.

Freedome for Business
Freedome for Business is similar to the consumer version of Freedome in terms of its basic protection services but with some valuable extras. The business version is only available through Protection Service for Business partners and resellers. F-Secure have made it easy for partners to order products through their partner portal too. Features include virus protection, browsing protection, anti-tracking and also support features. Available on iOS and Android.

Meetings can often overrun, not achieve anything and generally waste a lot of people’s time if they aren’t managed properly. WorkLife aims to streamline your meetings allowing all the information and talking points generated to be captured in one place and easily shared. Create meetings, record discussions, create action points, take note of open issues and even take group or individual notes. Available on iOS and Android.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine